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-;■..] 'p iiYsoxf !f 'i'; OUR CHiNAMAN STILL UVES, Aml continuos to 1 uriiisli iliat urn iv;il-il quuílty üf fKA ahvavs nmml :it tlie faopie'ï Store. Lotots of good Te 11 ploas try sample OF OU1Í NEW' TEA. Di.b'ORKST SSTtWART. GrR.OOlE5R.I13@ UI' all kiml. Ifrult. Extract, 9plce%. IMd.lex, (Hls Perfumes, Sc. I'uie Liquurs and Winea for. Medicinal [jurjMjstti uoly, DsïOEÏST 6 si'KWAKr. Bugar ! Sugar l A Kimill Int of LOW PEIOBD SÜGAR. DbFQRE&ï & stew.:t. EST PISH.- Códfish, Wfeitefish, Yuut, MacUcrL'l, il' n ing, &c. HeFOKKST : BTEWART, "SYPUP! YRüFr A few barrels, oxtrfl qual.ty. DuFOREST k 8TEWART I 01L AND LAMP W ' DEPOT"f . KEROSENE 0IL! lÊÈir ThübestMlity WÊf ONE DOLLAR V-V Per Gallon. fcSÏÏ DKFOREdï & STEWABT. HO! ITE! Purcbasers of CROCKERY. GLASSWARE. LAMPS, 5LATED GOODS, TABLE CUïLEItY, feo. If'or sale at less than Xew York wholesale prieop, by DifORESI íc STEWAKT. A Good Clothes Wringer. íaíjes time Saves money! iaves clothing! Saces strenyth! ■aves Health! Saves hiring help! ïaves weak wrists! Saces burning hands! Wopleq cktlics can hu wrtuig out of boiliiiir water to rtvt-nt &lirinl;:rig, without inj"iy tb tlie macbine, JOHN BROWN'S KNAPSACK Was strapped upon his back, and when opened was found to contain a Pot of Dr. Biltittgtott's Plg Eleetuary fililí was hiB inseparable iompanjon, and tliis acounts fur his robust and vigoruu couhtiiution, his in.ifl'crenco to iatïgue and bioliálu addheáiiy ola age. lt is wtirranted to cure ALL KINDS OF PILES, t iint only trèa-tü directly fur the Piles but is a certiiin inre ror Dyspopsia and Livör (.'omplaints, Jauíulice. íalt Klu'um, c. It is purtly vegeuible anü novfi ails to cure. I)i-:H)I:E-T cSTKWART, Agtntsfor Micliig'an. GO 1O ÏHB DHEAP STORE! And see the New Goods. ■ . A Sl'LENDID STOCK Jh DRESS GOODSi! CSrOXXtSl' F U R N I S H S N 0 GOODS, CASSIMERES, Oïothii, Satinets, &c., DOMESTICS, SHOES. HATS i CAPS, Crockery, GEOCEEIES, Sic, Ave to b sulil viL]iüuL rc;tr'l tu prer-t-ut EasliTii N. B.- The largt Ptoeh o( Calicó and ÜrownCutton n tïao GUy at tew than Mtinufacl ure 'h pricvs. Thfihlghot piicc [iaiil in or ch Vr all lins üF l'roduce. MACK & SCHMID. J5-FAIIU3ANKS' l[i STANDARD m'È 1 "I1' ALL KÍNdIÍ AIÍO, ■fciJSP"' ,-, „, ,„s,, yv„, ttj ,y(t,. ,■„.,, rf:c. FA1RBAMS, GRBBSLEAF & GO., 17 l.ul SU-eet, C'HIfJVGO. Sold in Retroii by FVKUAND, SHELEY CO. J3T De curoful tn buy nlv tl.c QMIuhlCBV 1}L)3S Glad News Cor the Unfertnnate! iHS LONG SOUGHT FOB Disco vexed at Last. CHEROKËE HEiEBY AKD ËimcnoB eis rnjbcxion, Cccipcnudcd .tvni Boots, iark? ad aves. CHKKOKKH EEMEDY.tïe tfreat Inojan Dinretic f.urcH all U!s abte t.f t)ij i.rii a;-s uixmm, ucli COntlnt ik -e ( 1' Ui e CTni :, lnliiin.njü t oii of 11. t Badder, IiiUnui.uiiUon di tl; e Kldücye, ötouo in tue fiiftader, Strii-tn, o. GvRvfiL, &oaorrbep Gltst-t, and is e:-petlally rcoÓT neudêd In ihose c&st of FloorAibóa, 'or Whlieu In tVn::üen,) whfix all tk; oíd nur.Bcous ■ meüului b Lavó ailcd, tS'" U ím prepare loa higLly concentratt cl iorie, the (oöuoniy Kiog ft'üiu one to le&gpootu'ajttt tiuoe times per tav. fi?" lt iw ilkiFetic and i'.ti ''itlve iu ]ie actioti : purlllc)f luid cïeanping Uu bood, cauttQjs ït to üow in aÍ oí 1S or l; txjfi.1 mr iy :;nd THïOr; tliiVi removing 1-runi the Byfatüoi a i i.irinc.-.'Uti causea 'whuU have iniiocd rilBtaae, CHEUOQJÓE INJEOTION is latvadtf na an ally r ;3lií,nl to 1,0 Cui-vokcc BeuïCiïj, imd ghoald be uhkI m o nj.uiietiou wiiü tüat medicine lu all oases f Qieet. íou.nhe;i, Fluor Alljus TV hites lis eücci.s li.-tüi,!, b otïi:_L-t and dcmvieiit; re inovtcg ml si-ftlcln;, mnr aad [ai-, Ifiêtead of the bttfcioe iir-d nhiK'sL uiii ttútirabie ib.H k operl(.'Lccd iltb nt-nr'o' all thi; clienp rjjck Iiticioi-B. tarüj theoao of f lir.KuKl'K BÉMEOT and CEPfiKOKEE IZs.TJ: TIOK-llw uvo meitlcIneB frt the saaie time- ill lun,ro[er ti$cUarges are removed, and tlie weaesedorgiubB ai e, Bpeedily restorud to f uil vigor ai.d HtM-iigtii. y"PfIce.LílltTOtiCO K,ciCí!y, $i per bottle.or three bottlcfi lor $5. ZIJ' Pricp, Oliirokee Injeclioi, $3 per b.o.ttle, or thret boti.U s for ?5. Sent liy ErprSBB to Rny addfleae od recelpt oí price. Jjff" Fnr full paPtlcnHrs gel onr pamphli rom Dy drup it( re ín the country, or writeiMiiud we w 111 mail free to any nddreas, a full trentlse. All buc'i or.lers mníit bcsent loC. A COOK, Clilcago, onr Genertil Agent for the VV et. S(.ld by WlioioB.iRPrngf;iBt!tuudbyallDruGpeiatfcvGr.vwl:ere. Ot A. COOlv, ChicaöO. Gonei-iil Afiei't for the StalcB of Illinois lowfc, Wicousín, Míoüiiían and In " Dr W. R. MEF.WI2Í & CO., Bolk Pvophiktokr, 0. 50 Liberty strutt, KfW York. THE CHtEAr INDIAN MEDIOINE, OoaiPOCNDSD FBOif Clierokee Cure ! An OOialJlng cure for Seminal "WeaTfneíiB, Nocturnal l:nil. slons, and ttlldtoeoses caneed by 8i-ïf-Polntion, feuthas Luns of Memory, üt;ivereal Lasf-ltude, Pains in the Back, Dimnèfcs of Víeion, Prematura 01 tl Age, Weafc Nervee, Dtillculty of Bieaihing, Txembllng, WatelSjlneee, ErppUöa on tbc Face, Ple Couuteuunce, Inennity, Condumption, md all the direful oom. plüirtücnoae bvdepanlngftom tnepatü of nature. CTThls ni(;diciue ia a simple vesc-tablo extract, nn-l one on whica all cn rcly. as is ha beca uued in oar ptnee fór many yoars, and wllh thonsanda trt-alcd, it haa not falled in a einple instance. lts cunitive powei-H have bêtïn Buflicient to gain victory over the most atubburn case. ZW i'o thoee wbo have trifïêd with their conptitTitiou.nntil tlit-y think themaelves bejond the reach wf nu-dical aid, vfe woold say, Düspaie jtot! the CHEBÖKËE CUBB will retlore you to benltli aad vijror, and after al! (junck öoclors have failed ! t.if Price, á pef pottle, or three bottlesfor $.", and rorwaráedby Express to ail partof the world. C Ï7 For full partlcnlars, set a Circular from any Drug Store In the country, or write to the Agent, who will maii free lo any ocedeEÍring tlie s-.m-e, aiuiltrea tlsc, in pamptilet form. AlUaa orders mustbe Bent to C. A'. COOK.Cnl cago, oar General Aentfor the West. Soid iu c.:aca„ro, by Wholesale DruírítistB, and by all Drastï!eticverywliere, C A. COOIÍ, Cüïcaoo, Generl Agcut for the Si atea of lliiaojö, íowa, Wisconain, Michigan aud Ia" Dr. W. R MEÊWI & C9., " SOLS Pl.OPEIKTOIÏS. No. 59 hiiitrty ttrect, New Tork. S,.l,] by Wljolesal" Drugjists iu Detroit, nlso by SÏ, Anii Arbor. ;w:'yl In Th? llPñpB P"0 1 il All v .w Ju 3 lL?ï Bt yJ 13 Mr. Mathews flrst preparad the VKN'KÏIAN 1ÍAIR DYE ; since that Vnwv it hita been aed by thousands, in3 iti no inátauce has it íailed t( give eittire saiisfacThe VEN'ETl AN DYK iw the cheapest in the world.- fta pfice is only í'ifty Cents, a n '-■; c!i bOXtle coutains doublé the quantity ol dye in thoso usuaily sold for Tin.' YKXkTl.YX DYK Ls w;irtanted not to injure the hair r ihr scalj in Ihe s,ihtost Öegrtè. Tw. Vi;XKTIAN DY.1-1 wo'rk wiUi r=ijMtlty ana ccrtkinty, tlip liair reqmrïog nu preparation whatever. The VKNETIAN VYE produces any shade tbaf may be dftaired - ota' that will not fade, crock or washout - ooe thatis as permanent as t}i hair itM'lf. by all druffgigts. - Prioe 50 "jent?, A. I. M rriTKW, Cfeneral Agenti 12 Gold Stnyit,-New Vork. Also, Manufactmer of Mathbwb' A unica Hair Gloss. the bost hair dressing in use. In large bottlea, price 50 cents. 1y966 CLOTHES WRINGER! ïlie UNLY reliab'.e self-Adjustingc Wringer. NO WOOIt WORK TO jWKLL OR SPLIT. NOta'UMB-SCRKWSTO GET OUT OF ORDKR. WAiili wNTKi) WITH ÜR VllI0lT CÜG WMEEtS. It tok tbc H1ÍV1" l'ÜI'Mir.S it Kifty Sovch St;it. and t'ounty l-'airtj in lb(3ü, uiil is, wlthuatiu excepticn, the twt ever made. WilAT EVKHY BOüY KX0WÍ, vis: Thai irm well galranized wil] not ru?f; That a Himple uiachiuc i bctlftï tlian a coitii!icated oue; fhat a WnnerhiKíM be self a3juslïa jüiirable and éflieienl; 'Lhnt Iliumh-Scrt'ws .van FnstenUiga eau. óelaj aud tionble Ut r'iil;i' i ud keej,; ThaL vooü ñmIvcJ iu Iiut imt will üwcll, brink and líjítri ; That wotre bt-armys Fór'tlui s]i;iit to ruu !u will wear out; That the Pulmim Wranger, th or without cogwh"vi'-, vill nol H-ar the Elofhs Tlüii cog-hcel rtigulalorè ure nol o?s!itial, 'I li.-i I'ii nam Vi i!.,L'.i'i ints .mi, &v, ui.l ïmt üii' nt tiifi d.iaailvantiuEH n,bove n; ■!; T!,;i1 ;tli "Int have Ur-lr-i it i'.n i.t iii.'a' it tlie best wringer cvi1! m ldj Thai it wiU v.-ring a tbrpttd tír ubcú quilt williout altèratum We nrli fiü !hf pper wÜli te-tlmoniftl, Imi himtí. unly ;i i'": to convlnce Lfte ske] ticál, ff sovh Uttre be; an-i we sy tu .11, tv-t i'n. ti.uns' Wringer. T1 il raOKOl GilIA' ivrtli ANV aq.I Al.r. ótfibti, ainl if not itri'in-ly Batiófa'etot) pttutu ii, TrTNAM Man,; .i r.i iiiN; to., (if n tiet' hm. - t'kitu i ".-ni i ■.!■; :itl I i'-, K-ï-icntt t lint [[■■ni .Vrl! '.i I v;i !ii.(li ivüh .m '. v.! Ufttoxidi#ti or 1 Ui-t i purliüïe. 11' !''' n.f'ii wrt, ■-,■!■ is ;i i ir pel fect. üs pn.-iit e, .u I ï 'ciiti i'ïiuerlunji fi wuiü lui ú to be the beal in u.-c. R( ■ j t-.rr'i! r, ■ r JNti. W. WiliJCI.fcIR. ("LcvriHiKi.Ohio. Many i-;i i- i-x mm irncc Ín tke galva4liïïng business cn:itlf mr Lu u.'.(;i'f tli r.b.i'vi' ,s la . . iu u 1. 1 in all parLicular, JNO. (". tXFFEr.Tf!, Ku.1'0 k-.-kuiauSutet. Xew Tó)i4c,'Xanw)iíy, rBTi-í ÏTê have totcl Patuan'e i-oilics V i' bj praetieal Uilkiug, and hoo that ít WÜ1 DO. It is oheap; t i imp}1; it r"1!1! ina ny routq ln'i In r :vf work ctr ;it it; a chfld nao opérate it; (t itoiït Hb duty ihonnifïhlv ; it .vea time and t caven wear aud tear. cariirsliv all whnïiaTi' jttfCIÏ Wltöhlg ti ilo, with :i]l inl'-lli'jcnl v 'no h:i f .s. v, tO-boytMs wrintiei lt wiü pay lor ü-.-if in -■ yeai al ïbor-1 . How. woiiACK ;kkkley. PateMed in the United States, Knj. land, Casada and Ausirali-t. bjiergelic men caDïoBkp Urnm StolO dolhirs prftay Ageotu wauted in evt ry tow, and in all prfs of tb1 wimI.i. sample Wi'ingtH sent, Ejprcfl paia, on recelpt of PVo. 2 6.Ö0; Xii. 1, No F. $8.50, No. A. M'niiiriirhireit lid solfl. wTiolpínl(f .ful reta il by THE PÜrNAM MAM i' ACITKIM. (O.' Xn 13 ï'latttrect New VfflfH'. and Cleveland, Ohío ■3Gïtf C. S. NOR1KEOP Agtnt.


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