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The Season

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LORD of the worlds below ! On earth thy glories shiue ; The dianging seasons show Tliy skill'i.nd power divine. ín all we see . - ; A God appears ; „'■- - The rolling years Are full of thee. Forth in tlie flowery spring We see thy beauty move ; The biids on branches sing Tliy ienderoess and ïove ; Wide flush thehills; The air is balm ; Devotion's calm Our bosom filis. Theu come in robes of lignt, The surorner's ftaming days ; The sun, thine image bright, Thy majesty displays ; Aml oft tliy vok'e Iu tbniidCT rolls ; öut still our souls In tbee rejoice. In autumn, a rich feasfí Thy coiuroon bouuty gifes To man, and bird, and leastr ■ And everything tbat lives Thy liberal care, At raorn, and nooa, And harvest inoois Our lips declare. In winter, awful thoit E With storms around thee ca si The leafless lbrests benv ; Beneath thy northern Wast. While tempests loju'er To thee, dread King, We homage bring, And own thy power. Wat fpcMpn ÈW Jtíe foliowi ;ñ mitat'on of Thotnpgon's Hj üin oji tbe sca-u;is,cxtracted from the Belecti lis attached to Wine'uell's aníi:)i;enioiit ot' Watts, is calcujatcd, in ihe present delightful exhibitions of natuve'a genial influeuee, to iuspire devotion.


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