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THE J.iOOTá AND THE LEAVES VVILL be tor the HoaJii.g of tle Natious. Btblt. jjcot. xi. ar. XjronsTs, THE GKEAT a]i DELSaAATED I'HYSICIAN of the HilïOAT,LUNOS, IIKART, I.IVHR AND THiS BLOOD, Kuowu allover thecountry as the CELÉBRATE HSTX3XA.1ST HBEB DOCTOR I Of 2S2 Superior Street, Cleveland, Ohio. WiU visit the followmg places, viz AiTOIN'TMENTS JOB 18öa 1863and 1864. Prof. R. J. Lyons can be conHei at the followiug placesevery nionth, riz: Detroit, RusselHouse, SaÈh nlñntl) , lStliand lOth. Afin Arbor, Monitor HtyWpeli moftth, 20th. Jackson, Jiibbard Houbo, uaeli nionthf21. Ailrian, Bracktt Housemat iaK M anrt23ii. Toledo, Ohio,Coll.nllJ((9aajLlulh,34th,2öth, aud20th. Hillsdale, Mich. , Uillsrtale House, each month , 27tll. Coldwater, Mich-, Suuthern itichigan House, each month, ssiii. Elkhart, Blkhart House, ach month, 29tu. South Bend, Iod., St. Jo. Uo'el, each month, 30, J.apnrte, Ind., Tee (.'arden Hk. ist', each mootli :Hsl. Wnoster, Oluo, Crandell Kxchjnse,each monih, 7th an.ietli. Miuisfield, Uliio, Wiler Housi each month, 9th and lOth. Mt. Vernon, Kenyon House, tach moEÍh,llth and 13th. Xewark, Ohio, Iloltou House, each month, 13th and 14 th, l'ainesville.Ohio, CowlPsIIouse.eaRh monih, 4th C1.KVE1.ANI), 01110. RE8IDEN3E AND OFFICE, 282 SUFERIOR STEEET, Eaflt of the public snafe, opposite tlio iPostöfflce. Office 'l.'ivs each avonth, lat, 8d, 4th,öth, ■Otli, lóth.- Ulliueltoiïrsrrom 9 A, M. tu 12M&nd from 2 P. M. to 4 i. M. UnSunday from 9 to 1Ü A. Al,, and 1 to 9 P, M, 4-Maximsstrictl_y adliered to-I ffive sucli bahn ii have no strtfe, Witli nütui-e of the lawa uf Ufe, „ Witlibloodmy hnn-lsl nevcr .stain, NoïVoIboq men tut-asc' Lhcir i):tia. lic is tí. physician indeed, who Curas The Indiañ Hcrb Doctor, R. J. LYUNtí, cures the following compiaintsinthe most obstinate stages of their exstence, vJz: Diseases of the ïhroiit, Lunga, Ifoart, Li ver, Stomach, Dropy rntUe Cïtest, Rheiuuatism, Neuralgia, Fits. or rallingSicktiesaiiulalloEIrneF'vousííci'angfiWtíiits. Afeo alKiisoascsuf the blood, such as ScrofaH, Ereïpelus, Canci;xK , Fever dores, Leprosy , and all other compllcftte ohronicooniïilainta. All Ion-.. ■ of female diiliculties afeteded to with the happiest reaults. . It is hoped that no one will depair of a cure until tht y hiive given the lüdian Herb Ooctor's Medicines a fair and fait h ful trial. 0Slurlpg the Doctor'i travels in Europe, West Jndies, South America, and the Uöited States, he has been the iostrument in God's hand. t o restore to health and vigor thousands wlio were given up ani pronouuced incurable by the Most eminentold school phyaicians; nay, more, thoiianils who we re on the verge of the grave, are now Ütjhsfg moLuments to the Inctian Herb's Poctor'n üküi afld successfultreatment,andare daüy exclairaing: "Blessed be theday when first we saw and partook of the [ii'lian Herb Doctor' s medicine." ííitisfactory referencosof cares will be gladly and cheerfully grvöU heuever required. TlieDoeior pledgeshis word and honor, that he will in no wise.duectly or indirectly, induce or cause any invalid to take Iiíh medicine without the strungest probability of a cure. ,(0 Mode of examinatio, which is entireíy different from the faculty. Dr. Lyou profease to discern diseases by the eye. He therefore askfl noquestiuns, nor ilopslip patie'ntsto explain -tymptoras. (.'alione and all, n have tliesymptoma and location of your tIÍ8s cyplained f ree of cha r ir o. T1h poorshall beliberiilly considered. fiCSI' 26ö3. R.J. LYOXS.M. r-. Cleveland, Ohio, Nov. 25, 1862 lySÖO c?. :o Xr x s s Wouldtake this method of informing his o UI friends and patrons and all otliers who may favor him with their patronage, ttiat hehas greatly enlarged his Stock and Assortmcut ï anil having adopted tbc CASH SYSTEM BOTH IN BÜYING &SELLING is preparcil to sell Goods at ïloasou.LlH ■foXo FrioCBt) Hs stock consista in par ui the foltowing: jr-y AMERICAN AND OTHER Éfeifc A -áfc Tlic Celebrated reiSffBWlirtgg SETHTHOMAS CLOCKS! Fine Jewelry Setts GOLD CITAINS, TABLE AND POCKET CUTLEBY I FazorSjSlioarH, Scissorsantl Brushcs, ROGKRS l'LATEI) WARE, the best nmarkct, Gold Pens, Steel Pens, Pencils, PAPER anl ENVELOPES, Musical Instruments, Strings &( Books for Instruments, SPECTA-OIjiBíS, of Qold, Stlver, Sttxl, and Platcd, wilh PERISCOPIO GLASS, a superior article. Persone kavíng difficult vaíches to flt wlth glasséa can be accomodated, as my stock is Iarge and complete, P. S. Particular aüention to the HEPAIRING of all kinds of fine Watche, such as Makíng and Setting new Jewels, Pinions Staffs, and Gylinders. Aleo OLOCKS, Se TE"VELK"y neatly repaired and Varranted, at bis oíd standeaRt Bidé éf Main Street. C. BLISS. Add irbor.Noy. 25,186282Ct! GREAÏ.GREATER GREATEST BAKGAINS EVER OFFERED 1859. -v!859. ín thisOity , are uow being oflFered at the CIIEAP,CLOOK,WATCH, & jewolry Storo■IF'Ilbclborwonldaay tothn cHznof AnnArbar Ín particular, and the. rest of Wmhtenaw Conntv i'n señera], that he hasjust 1MPORTED DlRECTLY from EUROPE,' Tremendous Stock of Watchcs! AU ofwhichhe blnds bimseifto 8ell CHKAPEKthan can be bought west of New York City. I have also the CELEBI1ATED AMERJCAN WAT CHES, which I wlll eli ttr $35. Every Watch warrantud to nerform well.orthe mon.iy retunded. Clocks, Jewelry, piatcdWare, Foncy(ïuods. Goldl'em, Musicallnstruuieiita and Strings, Cutlery, 4cc., and infactarariety of everythinir uuually keptbyJewelerecan be bought for the nextninety dayB at your OWN P RICES! Porsons-buyinganything at this well known establishme otean rcly upon ffetting goods exact'y as reprosented, orthemoney refundtui. CAÍleatfly &ad aocure the best bargains ever oft'ored in thii City. One word in regard to Repairing : We are preparcd to make any repairs onfie or com" mon Watcbes.even to makingo er the enÜTe wntch, if neceasary. Repairing of Clocks and Jewelry aa usual. Alan the manufacturiníT oJ RINGS, BROOCHS, or auything (iöèired, fVoin California Gold onshortnotice. Engravire in allksbranchesexéented withneat' oedsanddispatch, J C. WATTS. jiissolulion jNotlce. mHËFIBM OFTHAPIN, WoOD k CO-, was dissolved -Ljanuary lö, 1863, by mutual consent. C. A. Chapín and A. B. Wood will eettle the accounts of tJje firuj, C A. OiiAi-i.v, A. B. Woon V. Cjmpijj, E. Wells. Ann Arbor, June 24, 1863. Copartuershlp. ! fXiT tTNDEBBJGNED entered into partnership ,Tan, ) J. 16t18i3, by the Unn name of Chapín & Ct.,n.l 1 wil! continuo the business of mtinufaoturing printing aml vr:ippinj pper. C. A. Chipis, , N. Cimpin, V. CnAT;n. Ann cr::, nc'J-1, l63 9'10tf .


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