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BANNEB HAT STORE! o GOTO Sp Tjifi tflö'li: Bcforo you bny , Spring nnj Sutotoer styles oí SÏRAW GOODS! OEIsTTS' " Furnishing Goods, &c. Jim Arbof , April 20tn, 18'fU. SiuSó.'i. E M 3? IR E BOOK STORE! Having puicliasod .7. R. WF.IiSTKR'S stock of Bouks and Statumery, I shall emleavor to ktep a constant supply ot SCHOOL 33OOÜ1SÍ, TEXT BOOKS! IV1EDICAL k MW BOOKS STANDARD AND MISCELLANEOUS WORKS, wln'ch will be s-dd at the LOWEST CASH PRICE. AIso ALBUMS, GOLD PENS, SHEET MUSIC i and a superior quality of WALL FUFES ! arul everj'thing usualïy kept ín a ivell conducted Book Store. Opposite Franklin House. G. W. SNOVER. Ann Arbor, June, 1804. lj960 Rifle F actor y! Beutier & Traver, [Suceessors to A . J. Suthcrhm'l,] Manufacturera of and Dealers in Guns.Pistols, Ammunition Flasks, Pouehes Game Bags, an Everyother article íl thatLine. AU kinds of RBPAiniKTG done at the shortest notie e, and in the best mannpr. a fuIIassortmentalwayB kept on hand and madeordei Shop corner Main aud Washington trects. Ann Arbor,Oct. 8, 13öü. 87Ötf MICHIGAN CENTRAL INSURANCE COMPAÑA Kalamazooi ! lusures agaiiist l,oss 01 Damage by Fin oi1 Iiightuing. CHARTER PERPETUAL. Guaranlee Capital, by State Authority, $800,000,00. DIRECTORS: J. P. Kennedï, Maiish Giddings, A. P. Mills, Geo. W. S.vydbe, S. D. Allen, Geo. W. Alleíí, OFFICERS : J. P. Kennedy, Pres. T. P. Sheldon, P Geo. W. Sr.yÍBr, fSee., A. P. Mills Treas., H. E. Hoyt 'Ass't Sec, S. D. Allon, Gen. Agt 940tf ISTEV PIRMI1 GRUNER & SEYLER, WHOLESALE & KKTAIL DEALERS IN TOBACCO, CI&ARS, Merschaum Pipes, &c. Wc, tlip underfifrptJl, heg leave to Infarta tlie CITIZENS OF AND AKBÜR and vicinity, Ihat we haïsthli ilay estnlIÍMliril a Tobacco and Cigar businiss in lliis place, ono áoor North ,f the Franklin Bloek, Uain .' ti.,l,wlipi we hall ]} keep afull as.sortnient of the best cualiües of SMOKIIVG & CIÏEWIJVG TOBACCO! OÍ Ateo a largo and choïce eUtion of thebcHtbrands of CIG AHS ! PIPES, (Merschaum, Brier and Ilosewood,) CIGAR HOLOERS, INDIA RUBBER POUCHES; SNUFF & CIGAR BOXES. Will be found with ns of all kinds and of Püicks to Scit Eveky One.' We :■!.:! nel all of tho above menüonf d articlos and Humy othnia wbich UelonR to out line of tradc at the lowent pofsible rate for cash. l'Iease cali and examino. N. B.- Sign- Spiflv with cigar box, oncAoor north ut tb Kranklin Block. tlKUNEÜ h SEVI.KR. Ann Albor, !iij Si], lür-4. . Mfitt. CLOTIIIÏSTQ Xt IGÜITERÍnKO'S! Having just icturned froni E;tst witli a large fitock of SPRING AND SUMMERGOODS! we invite all our old frienils aud customcrs to come and examine eur stock of CLOTHS CASSI5IERES& VESTIIVGS. Disputo the fact if yon can, It takes the T AILO1Ï after all to give appearance to the outer man. li' you„wish to app'gar well You must accordiiigly lires? W'ell. Go to Si. Guiterman & Co's,, Thore you vrill find things exactly SO. SONBHEIM ilways ready to tuke your mensure, GUITERMAN will sell you Goods with greut pleasure, 'At figures L0WER than you will find ir. the Stato, 'J'ako heed-- oall harly, else you are too LATE. The i.NDuui'JiENïs are uow greater than ever, Our Clehks you will Lnd obliging and clever. We will show you good CLOTHING of our own oettinöup, Filling our Store from Boïtom to rop. STUDENTS especially will find it to THEIR ADVANTAGS, For it takes but LITTLE MONEY to replenish. COATS of Cloth and Cassimere of our OWn IMPOHTAÏlON, Por w arded through our New York relations. From England, Belgium, Germany and France, Such as you can rta-nd vï in, or wear, at the dance. Pants ! Pants ! ! Pants ! ! ! Fancy CASSIMERES and DOESKIN oí every grade, We sell them from ONE DOLLAR up tO EIGÍIT. VF.ST8. Rir... of everv destirint.ion. You will öncl it so without fiction, Furnidhing apparels k Frorn SHIRTS to UMBRELLAS. This is all tve say now, TöeTefore we make our bow Yours truly, ever eo, M. GÜITERMAN. ACo., F. B OH has a new and complete STOCK OPSPRING (ÍÜÜD8 bought before the recent ' GÏEAE IlISE IN GOLD ? Which will be Sold FOE CASH ONLY, .A.T TIÏIE! LOWEST MARKET PRICES ! Cali and See ! Ann Arbor, April, 1864. Fot Rats, Micet Roaches] ' AntslBed Bugs, Motks in Fust Woohn, fyc., Insects on Pïants, Fowïs, Animáis, fyc. Tut Bp in Stc. "iOc. añil SJ.00 Boxes, Bottles, and Fla.--ks. $3 au.t SO tHzes tur Hüffii-s, I'rfiuu iNSTn'UTloX.Sj &C. '('nly infiillihle leinedies known.' ' ' lFree f roni l'oiflonK,"" "NÖfftangeroua Lo the Huinan Fanilly." "Ka ís come uut of the ir holes to dia " -6 Sold Wholesale in all large cities. Sold by all Drugyists and Retailers evorywhere. ' II! Iïi-:vai;e !1! of all worth loss mitations. iQ, See that "Costak's" name is n sach Bos, Bottle, and Flasfc. before you-buy. - Mama HENftV R. COSTAR. S, Pjtixni'Ai. Dkpoï 492 Bkoadway, Kuw Youk. af-Sold by all Wholesale and lietaiJ Drwjigists in i Aan Arbor, Michigan. iim954. HOWARD ASSOCIATIOhT, I'IIII.ADKI.I'HIA, 1U. Disps oniic Sirrvous, Seminal, ITrlnnry aiiIS(xiial Systeiïxs - new and roliable j oient- in :repojts of Ihe HOWAKD ASiOCIATION- .Sent lv mail in sl:i [i ■! lel ter envrlopes, froe ot'chargeA.Wross Dr. J. SKII.UN' HOLT(;HT0.NT, Howard Association.No 2 South Nmth Street, Philadelphia, I'ennsylvania, lyU6i) . -m . , T Urownell & Peirin, GEN'L C03IMÍSSM MERCHAMS, 183 Soutïi Sicee-t, OHia-A-G-o, iLLiasrois, r Dealers in Grain, Flour, Provisions, ■ Seeds, Green and Dried Fruits, Cider, cj&c. a Referentes: Prestoo, trniard & Keen, Chicago. S. Boísford & Co., Ana Arbor, Mich. 1 TftSs. Particular nttention given to the .sale of Green and [ried Fruits, L'ider, &v,. Orders fr the injiwibiiinp }{ Ciover nud Thaotliy Fccd , dit Meatu, , pr-ompt !y ;it tended í-o íi' aort' inri, riftt wil)l.M;; ,,i'.;i 1 r!,i ,-; tr f M-U'.-tM'Ö M9tf .


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