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JUST "OPENING? The latgest Stock and best assortment oí CABINET FUïtNITURE ? ever brought to tiiis city, including SOFAS, TETE-A-TETES, LOUNGES, BED ROOM SETS CENTER TABLES, BUREAUS, CHAIÈS, Looliing; Olasises Gilt Frames and Mouldings METALIC CASES, &b.s &c, anri at! other goods kept in th best and laigest hóinei in tl.e country. We Keep nu second hand furnituioor Auctinn gooils. Coffins kept constantly on hand, and made to order. IFy good are oflered at THE LOWEST CASH PRICES N. B. I muat have mcney. and respectful'y request those liideljti-d, to cali and h'x up their old matters without delay. O. M. MARTIN. AnnAroof, Oct. 6, 1863. 925tf RIS DON & HÊNDERSOS Havo t3txo BUCKET3EJ CRAIN DRILL, and Grass Seed Sower, Manufactured at Springfield, Ohio. THE VERY I.ATEST IMl'ROSEMKNT, and better tlian all others; adapted to sinying Whcat, Kye, Oats, Barley a nd Orass Seetl . lst. It Jias a Rotary Feeder. 2c. Will solo all kinds of Grain and Grass Seed. Zd. Ncver funches the Grain 4th. Never breaks the Grain. 5tü. Sows Grass Seed broadcast behindthe Drill. 6á. Has high wheete and long Hoes. Ith. Has long and wide steel points. &th. lt has a land measure or Surveyor. 9th. lt has doublé and single rank drills. lOth. lt has a self adjusting s7mt ojf slide. [t is neatly and substautiallj made. There k hardly a Drill offercd in the market out can boaöt of more or luss "FIRST PRFM1UMSP They a're abotrtaa ndiscriminattlv bedowed a ílio tille of "Professor," wlnch is sometimes applied to the "fiddltr " or libootblack,n They ceast to convoy the idea of merit. The BuckoyeDrill has heen on Exliibition at quite a n amber ofötuteand County Kairs, aiul witliuut seekinfavor at the hands of any CommiÉtc-e, hit received its fall slüire of Prt-roiuujs TESTIMONIA LS : We give the following Dames of a few Farmers in thïf, vicinity who Ulive buught and u sed tlieBucLeyelírili ; Gudffcey Mitler, Scfo. Jacob Po lh era us tL JacobTremjier, " Thomas Wluie, Northiic]il. John Brofeaw, Christiati Kupp, " Kdward Bobden , Webster, James Treadwell, AiinArboi Daniel O'Hara, ' .Tnhn (i. CnnU in,i O. A. Marshall, ' L. Edmonds, Saline. George Cropsey, Green Oak, Liv. Co. We are viso Agentsior the Ohio Reaper & H.wer, acknowledged tobe the very best in use. We are just in receipt of 100 Grain Oradles Whicli we will sell Clieap. AIso alargeassortment c G-rass Scytlies. And the Iargest and best selected stock of BENT STUT F FOR CARRIAOE8ovcr before oíTered in this m.irket ye also keep a large and full NAII5, GLASS, PUTTY, IJNSEED OIL. A complete assortuieot of 8TOVES, TINWARE, ANDKAVETROt-anSalwaysonhandaml puinp fi the sliortest notice. RISDON & IIKKbERSON. Ann Arbor, June23th,18fl2. 859tf CITY OOOPER SÏEÏOR SPAFFORÜ & DODSLEY, ttíjtBútBÓltB t) O. 0. SPAFFORD & D. HENNING, Would rcspectfttlly annoince to the cíties oí Aop fVrbur and vicinity, tliat thi-y ut1 uu.v ir anui';ictiiríi)g and keep contaatly un hend a Largï Assortment of COOPER WORK! Such as Pork and Cidcr Barrels, Kegs, Firkins, Churas, Wctt Buckets, Flour and Apples Barrels, c6c. ( Merchasls aiirl Brewers &re iavited to exaíolue tiieir ïutter Firkins and Beer Keg. 0"CTST03Vi: "Vv7"OÜ,I2:, oae to ORDEH oji SHOKT NOTICE ant warranted. t3 Casb paid for Staves, Heading nd Hoops. Shops corner of Detroit & North Streets, and corcer f North & KilthSíreeto, a ferAFFORü & DODSLEY. Ai.n trbor, Fb. 6tÍ),'Í8W". 'J43Í1 Estáte of John D. Armstrong! STATE OK MIDIICAN, C,,t my of WiSBTKSiw All persons b.ivin claims or demanda aía n' , vT" ettateol John t). Armstrong. late of the tuwn-üL Ï Lodi, in said county , deceahed . ars hereby n tified rwiuired te prosent the same to the unriersiem.'": the probate office in the city of Ann Arbor n.j coiïnty, at any of the several ïessioa of the' I'rc h C'ourt for said county, o;i or before Wednpsdiv .V etli day of March 1865, for examimition and ailo'.a' six moutlu from the dote 'hereof, belug alloM( crédito to present theirclaims ngaint said estut THOMAS NINDE, -ludgeot Proba,, Dutod, Jon Arbor, gept. Hth, 1804. 4wUÏ4 SherifPs Sale. STATE OF MICHIGAN, CoCKTt m Wasiitru „ Bjrvirtuevfa writ of JUri'faciai itsued oiLtól.'j uuder the xeal of the Circuit Court for the. 1'nunt r Washteaaw, in the State of Michigan, and to m.H recton.-iiul delivered, I did on the twenty fifth dl, r Feb. A O. , 1863. s, -rm and levy upon all the riel,t ,,tl and interest of Wïlliaiu C. V„ rbeis, Uefend.nubVr naraed. in and to al] those certain traot, or parcel. t land. mttttiei in Hm City of Arm Arbr, Comitv of Washieaaw,afofeM, kiown, bonoded and jlK„5 ,'jlt.'ttiñg all thnt pait oriol anuí elght, block Ko. oriu Korth of Huron Streel ,,. threeEast, In said City of Ana Arbor, bpirii,,',!,,,, ' Main Street at the north-eaat cotoer o aidlut.! iuiiDingun Muía gireet, afo.esaid, soutkWeM.. fect.thonce running ivest to tho allej in tle Ú, ,, said lot, thtnce nui lh t the north line of aald lot ., i tbence east to the place of beginning, wlth the britt More standing thireon. Also a paitof sertion numt, twcntyninctown two south range Ko. six (6) eat i the City of Aiin Arbor, afcrcaid, coniiiienciDR n tl center of Huron Mrcit, rod and sis links ,,, of where said street croises the Bectlon line btt sectinn 29 and30, anil ronniug ca-t ajong tlip ccm of eaid Street nine rod nnd mi links, tfiincc sonthfo tbecsLterof Eber White'a road, tbence in a ,u(i westerly direction ninerods n ftirteén link, tlti north to the place of bezinning, containinR fnnf atln of land reserving therefrom ten rods nil tiro ud tkrM (iltlis links acrrss the South end of s.nid lof whlrlinni propeitylshall offer for sale at publú nuition oí i,i due to the highest bidder, at the front door of tb, Court House, in the City of Ann Arbor. on Saturd,, saidda of ober, 1864, at 12 o'clock, no6,ii l'HIl.II' WI.VEGAR, Sheriff ïeI,i,ruber8th,18C4. 973 Commissioners' Notice. STATE OF MICHIGAN, County of Washtenaw ,_ The nnderiigned having been appomted br th. Probate Court for said County, to rf ceive.eiamineandadjiistallc is and , Iemands ol ,1! pfersons against the estáte if aikl tapharn late f the lownship „r Salrto in saW County deceased ht bj givc notlcetUat six iw nths fr.,fn .late, are brordfr of said Probate Court, aBowed tor credit. , rs t'. L,Ti thi-ir gainsl said deccased, and that tbn lm vntet at the late reaidence of said deceaseil ir, ,y Townsliip of Salem in said ccunty, on tlli,rj.r ,V twelfth day of Novemof Tues(Uy the feu tLI,l day of Februiuy one o'clock, P.M. of Ij . day, to receivt, examine and adjust said (lai'nis LKV] VKSTK.LL )cmii1-HOMAS BTJSSKY, sionf! Dated.Auüustlo.lSM. ' ' S'd Election Notiee, SHBBIFP'a Okfk E, An Arboi ) Sépt.l3th;ï864. ) To the F.lectors of the County of Washtenaw . Ton are hereby Bot i (led tl at al the General Election tobe held im tlin Tiicsdar next sneceeding the fint Mc.inhi of November next. in the-Ftóte of Micliitsn the following ollicers are to be eketed, tíz : Etebt Hectorj of Tresi.lent and Tice-Fresldent of the United State, a Cunmi-r, l.ifiil.nant Uovcnor AudiliT Ceueial, .-'ecntiiry of State, state Treasurer' Comnjisaiouer.otthe State Und Office, Attorney GtHrl al, Superintendert of Public Intructiin, a Member f theStüte Bfrard ol FAvntlov in ),lacc of WiKer J. Ban Ier, who'sê ter of office ivill expire Jieceinbcr 3U 18M, amia Represcntative in Congress for the 3rd Con' gresiional Ilitiiit, to which your County isattached Also one Associate Juut ice of the Suprerne Court i place of liandulph Manning, decea.?cd. Also, a 'enator for tl.e Tth Senatorial Wrtricí consistingof the ' ity of Ann Arbor, the tonnskip I Superior, Ai kin, Ann Arbor, Scio, Nolthfield, Webster, [Jma. Déitér, Svtvan, and LyiWon :n flie Coonlr of Wnshtenav . Also, a Senator for the 8tb Senatorial Diitrict, tonsistingol the City ol Vpütlanti, the Townshipsof Ytth lauti, Auirusta, PittsSald, Volk, l.ndi, Saline. Frerrfom ftidjrewater,Sharon, and Manchester in the Contlr of W'.ishtenaw. Also, a K-presejitative for each of the fouï Representatie e ])istricts in the Connty of Washtensw, follOWS . lst District - Salem, Superior, Ypsilanti City, Pitli. held, and fpsilanti Town. 2d District - a ii ii Arbor City, Ann Arbor Toto. Norfb field and Webèter. Sd District- AuL-usta, York, Saline, Lodi, Bridg. water, and Manchester.. ith District - Freedom, Sliaron, Sylvan. I.íma, Scío, Dexter, Mid I.ynd'. n Als., that the ioITowing Coun+y offleers fur tilt' Courity of Waahtenaw, are to beelected at tbe samo time, to-wit: One Judge of Probate, one S .. riff, on CountyClerk. .me County Tre tsurer, one Regi-ter if Ueeils, osie Prosecuting Attorniy, two Circuit Court Comniissiont-rs, two Cornncrs.ami oneCountv Purvevor, PI1I1.I1' WI.VKdAli, Cbaucerj Salo. STATE Ol' ïIICIIIGAN- ]b Circuit Court for the CfH: ty of 'ashtenan, In Chancer.v. Eliia I'erkin, Coinplaiiiaist, r.s. Sfchra Perkius, liefendaut. In pw and try virtue of a leciee of tlie Circuit Court Fot the Coirnfjof tfanctuiaw, in Chancery, Diadfon the secotid i!a il December, A. I'., eighunn lmncrui and tifly-uiüe, in a certain cause thereïn peidini, wlü-nin Kliza I'ertüij is eomptMi :n:t. nnd Si-bra ferkitis is defendant. Xotice is lu-ieh} {.'ven, tliat I shall sell at jMiylic avn-'.ir-n to the highest bidder, at tifttn o'clrck,Doon, on Satnrtiny. the seionteenth dij nf Seiitetobi-r, the front door of the Cenrt UonM of the Circuit Court for the Ooiwty f the city of Ann Arbor, Cotintv of Washleoaw nd State of Michigan, Tlewest half ol the soutn-etii quarter of sectiou Hfteon, and fche 4-st half of ti north-east qnarteroi section twenty two, in Tnuhij one south of range seven ea.-t, in the T.jwnsliipn'Si. lem, in the Cuuntj of Washtenaw, and state of Michigan. C. H. VAXCI.EÏ5, Circuit Catirt Coimnissioner in and for the Countj of Washlefiaw. O.IlAWKiNs.Solicitor for Cornplainant. Ann Arbor, lal} t weni ï-rnnili , A. H..1SC4. 96SW The ahoe sale is postponed until the 27Ji dy oí Ootober n ext , at thp saine place and time of uut. Hated, Sei.t.n, 1SC4. C.H. VANCI.KVE, Circnit Court CommiKsioner, Washtenaw County. FURNITURE ROOMS One door North of Risdon and Henderson's Hardwirt Store. The imiWsignrd haring pnrchased the entir? fitoffc of W. I. Sinith & Co., and idded largely to thesuDC. Ifl preparo) to (urnisli hifl ii?nds and patroon a goM assortmentuf well made furniture, consistiug of SOFAS, BUREAUS, BEOSTEADS, BOOK-CASES! TABLES and CHAIRS, of all kiods, and in fact oreverytking pertalniugtoili business . LOÜIÍGES, MATRASSEN &c, &c., marie to order by #ood and experienced woflt1 men, a ml warranteó to give satisfaction. He keeps agood assoriment of Chcrry and WalnutLnmber fórjale at ceasonable prices. And will also paytii biguést market price for Cherry, Walmt, anJ ffliiW Wood I.ujubtr. P. S. He Ua.s íúho puicliased the new and ELEGANT HEARSE! of Sraith k Col} and is prepared to furnish #11 fciods i Wood Coffins, Metalic Cases, A.Krr oaskets, On tlio shortest notice. Also atteads te Iajin? "j iliX';is(ti j.í .ojis iïa_v and night, without "' furniture Oelivered 315 the city free of charge, ■ v W. U. BENHAM. Ann Arbor.January leih, 1863. 9!ihf A large lot of AND SÜMMER GOODS, alivays on hand at M. Guiterman & Co's, CLOTHING STORE. d'ive ua u eaíl i-ud we can and will aell jau cli_epW tnd tett r goods thanany ether h dus) in tuis cuy Öb'Jt t Ayeis Sarsaparilla. ..


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