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f , - paolisheaövery Fríaay morñlng,in tliethird story o Uielniikblock,c.irii-jrn: M.iiu and Huron Sta., ANN ARB"H, Mick. Entranceon Iiiwn Street, opposiUthe friilfc1'"BLIKU B. POND, Editor and Publisher. Terina, S',OO a Y:nr In Advance. Ailvertlslng - Óné square (12 linos or less) , one teek., "öcents; ttiree weeks $1.50 ; and 25 cents for T0rr'ia3ertion there . fter, less than three montbs. Ooe square 3 mos $4.00 Quartör col. 1 year $20 One square 6 mos (5.00 Half column fi moa 20 Oae qnare 1 yar 0.00 Halfcolumn 1 year 35 Twosq'res 6 mos 8 00 Hne column tï mus. 36 Two sn'res 1 year 12.00 ][ One column 1 year 60 Cards in Directory, not to esceed four lines, $4.uO Advertisers to Uie extent of a quarter column, regu■ UlV tbrough the yf ar, will be eutitled to have thtir earJs in Directory without extra charge. t drertisenients unaccompanied by writteD or Turbal .lirections will be pubhshed until ordered out, ,„d cliargcd aceordingl; . LeJE&l advertisemoüts, lirst insertion, 50 cents per [olio, 25 cents porfolio for each subsoquont icsertion. Wlieuapostpcnenieiii Isaddotl to in advertisement the fijólo will be eharged thejame as for firstiuscrtion. Job Prlntsng- Pamjhlets. Tland Hills. Circulara, C.rda Ball Tickets, Labels. Blanke, Bill Heds, and „her 'v.irietios of Phiin and Fanoy Job l'rinting.execu, ïith uromptness, and in the beat style. Cmd8- W bTe :i llugsles Rotary C'ard Press, and i r-6variotv nf the lutest styk-s of Car.l type wbich . l,:.ii,r o'niinl 'aids of 'all kinds in the.neatost ,:v'.f a ii'ï cheajier tliau anyotherliouseinthe ï'l'v' ' Bosiaes. ranls for men ..f all avneations and proffisions. Rail, Wedding and Vlslting Cards, printed on liciri netic'. CiUandsce samples. UOOK BIVDIdia- Conneetecl with the Office i a n.iok Btaaery in charge of two competent n-orkmen. - Cunty Records, Ledgers, Joarnals, and all Blank Bookj Tde to order, and of tUe besi stock. Pam .biets and Vno-iicils bonii'l na neat :imMnra!ilemann%stI)ft„,it . prioi'S. KnU-ance to Bindery tbrough the 4rgus (Hl. 'Jj I j - „___


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