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The Republican Meeting

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The Republicana were favored with one of the most boautiful days of the season, on Tuesday last, and they improved it in inaking the largest and most imposing political demonstration we have ever seen in this county. Some of the enthusiastic ones among them, claim an attendance of 25,000 or 80,000, and while our own estimate would fall very much undor their lowest figures, we are disposed to let them have it all their own way, and gracefully acknowledge it a "big thing." I Speaking in the afternoon progressed from four stands, and the audience was addressed by Hon. Jacob M. Howard, Tiieoïore Romeyn, Esq., Gov. Blair, Prof. Fairfield, A. B. Maynard, Esq., Dr. Eeiïer Hon. Jacob Ferris, Col. Mann, Maj. Grant, and perhaps others ; and in the evening by Hon. S. M CuTcneon and EuienB Pkingle. Having but one pair óf cars at our disposal, we could not hear all the speeches at once, and having no particular preference for either the "old war horses" or "néw oonvorts," we rotated around in order to get tho drift of all their efforts. We concludcd from this survey that' their principal capital stock consisted, not in a defense of the Administration policy, nor in endcavoring to prove that this pólicy could both put down the rebcllinn and restore the Union, but in misrepresentation of the Chicago platform and abüse of the Democratie party. We noticed, too, that the speakers disagreed among themselves, and upon what we think vital points; but we have no space to review any or all of them, and if the llepublicans are satisfied with them we are, and will let them go at that.


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