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Meeting At Chelsea

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Hod. H. J. Bkakes and R. E. Frazer, Esq., will addrese the Sylvan McClkllan Club, at Cholaea, oq Tuesday evening ncxt,'0ct. lS.h, 18C4. Tho Democrats iu that vioinity should givo Üiem a good tadience. r" Hon. IS. F. Granger and R. E Frazer, Esq., will address the Democracy at Sharou ïown House, on öaturday, Oct. 15th, at 2 o'clock, P. M Aboautilul Hiokory Pole will be raised on the occasion. Aiessrs. Granger aaJ Frazkr will 8Iso speak at the Brick School House, nearMr. Fleeman's, in the Town of jjndgewater, od Saturday, Oct. '22d, at o o-doek P. M. A Germán speaker will also addross the meeting. A pole „11 bo raised and the banner of McCljsllan and tho Uuion thrown to the breoze. E3C" The fllIlfiral of CoIt N" EtïicH, of tlie IGLh Michigan lnfantry, killed in the recent advance on Petersburg, was held on SumUy aftemoon. ïbe ceremonies were both Masonic and Military, and were ,ery imposing. ïhe attendance wasslargej and the processiou exceeded anything before ,een on any funeral occasion in out city. The jUsonic fraternity was well represented, jrembers beins present from the Lodges of tMscity, Tpsilatiti, Dexter, Chelsea, Grass Lako.Jackson, Saline, and we do not know hut o'ttiers. Over ono hundred soldiers carne down from the camp. at Jackson to do honor to the Inive and gallant dead. On ihe arrrval of the special traina dinner was serred to the soldiers' and Masona from ibroad in Rogers' Hall. and so abundantly htd our citizens provided for the occasion, tliat enough was left to distribute a liberal portiou next day to the families of all the oldiers in service from our city. The funeral services were held in the Court Houso Square. The sermón was preached by Ber.MAKcesLANE, Rector of the Episcopal Church at Albion, m old play-fellow and réhool-mate of Col. W. Hta toxt was the 8th r.-e of the Blh chapter of Ecclesia'itis . "Thereis no mun that hath power over the jpirit tú return the spirit, neither hath it power in tlia day of death ; and there is il no in that war; neither ihall wiëkedaesa deliver those that are giveu toit." The sermón was au c.ccellent and appropriato one. After the services were ended, the procesliou was re-formed, and proceeded to Forest Ilffl Ceraetery. At the grave the Masonic cerem.-nics ere had, and were conducted by typt, UoiiAKDUs, of Ypsilanti, and De. Hazf, ofl'juckiiey. They were witnessedby au immense andienoe. At the conclusión the Militar flred the usual three rounds over the SraT, and the people dispersed to reflect over the solemn scène. -In this counection we might say that Col. Welcu's time was out ; that he was daiiy expectina his discharge ; and that had hísurvivedthat day's battle; he would proba bly now bo at home with his friends. Such is vir.


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