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Sheridan's Report

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Woüdstock, Va,, Oct. 9 P. M. Lt. Geueral U. S. Graat : I have tbe honor to report my com mand at this point to Quzht, 1 com rneueed moviog back fraai l'oi t Ropublic, Mt. Crawford ut Uridgewater and Ilarrisburg, yestcrduy niorniug. The grain aud forage in advanco of tbeso points hud previously been destroyed. In moviug back to this poiut, the whole country frotn Blue lvidge to the north has been made uutenable for a rebel anny. I have destroyed 2,000 barus fiüed with wheat and hay, and fariuing implcments, and over seventy milis filled with flour and wheat; have driveu in front ofthearmy over four herd of stock and killed aud issued to the Uoops not less than 30,000 sheep. This destruction embraces the Luray valley and Little Fort valley as weü as the rnaia Valley. A largo num ber of horscs have been obtained, a proper estímate of whicb I canuot now makö. Lieutenaut Joha R Meigs, my Engineer ofïïcar, was murdered near llurrisonburg. For this atrocioua act all the houses within an avea of five miles were burned. Since 1 catno into the Valley from Harper's Ferry every small party and every 'straggler has been bushwhacked by the people, many of whoin have protection papers froin eommauders who have hithet'to been ia that Valley. The people here are gotting sick of the war. Hitherto they have had no reasou to complaiu, bacause they have beeu liviug in great abundance. I havo uot beeu followed by the enemy"to this point, with the exoeption of a small foree of rebel cavalry that showed thomselv8 somo distance behind my i-earguard to-day. A party of oue hundred ui the Stli Öhio ouvalry, whiuh I stationed at the bridge ou the Norfch of the Sbeuandoab, near Mouut Jaekson, who attaoked MeNeil with one hundred and seventy men white asleep, and the wholo party dwpei'áud or caplured. I thiuk thoy will all turn up. I learn that fiftysix of them had rcaohed Winchester MeNeil was mortally wounded, and feil iuto our hands. This was for.uuatc, as he was the aiost d;iring and dangerous of all the bushwhackcrs in this section of tbe counti'3 . I'. II. SiinuiDAN, Maj. Gea. ty Tho Gonimissioner of Internal Revenuo has decide J that peti'ions fon the probate of a will, or for the appüintinent of admiuistratorii are not charge-i able with a stamp duty. The deci-ion is of impoi tance, as we underntan j there has beun a diffrnncö of praclice in different couutius. StSf A letter from a pícate solJiei' in the Army ol tho Poto;nac, received :it Alb.iny a few day.-i since, says : "The anny is vcry otbusioatio over the noüiiiiu! in of General Mc0Jellan. He will rèooïvó the laiget pnrt of the vo!es of tho anny ; and f Abraham Lincoln does not soe that the anny is paid, he wil! recoivc no votes at all." K" Pccretary Seward has ífopped the Nati, mal ihteUgffitte fnnn íí'únj to the Porign; f' fflonded Wilüiuii by sti ictures on hij Auburn electi .iKvt'mg speech


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