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I . . I I GUITERMAN I CO'S -O Having juslretuinedftoiii Sast witïi a luwe tstoc of SPRING AND SUMMERGOODS wc invitfiftll our M frieuda auj cu&tomtrs to con and examii.f eur stoüfi of GLOTUS GASS1HERSS & VESTIN6S Dispute the fact if you can, It takes the TAILOil aftcr all to giv appearance to the outer man. If you wisli to appear well You must accoidiugly Dres3 Wcll. Go to El. Gusterman h Co's,, Thuro you will find things exactly SO SONDHEIM alvyays ready to titko your measure, GÜITEKMAN wil] sell you Good with great pleasure, At figuros LOWEE. than you will fint in i h u Statu, Take hued - call early, else vou are tuo LATE. The indüceïients are uow greater tbao ever, Our Clekks you will find obliging and clevcr. We will show you good GLOTHING oi our own up, Filling our Store from Bottom to ror. STUDENTS eapecially will find it to THEIR AÊ'VANTAGKJ For it takes but L1TTLE MONEY to replenish. COATS'of Cloth and Cassimere of our OWn IMPORTAT1ON, orwardod tlirough our New York reiaiions. Pnu! ËngTand, Eeigium, Germany and Franco, 3uch as yo can stand up ín, or wkau, at the dance. Paiííü ! Punta ! ! Paiits ! ! ! Faney GASSIMERSS nnd UOESKIH oí everv grade, We sell them ÜromöNE DOLLAR qp tO EIÜIIT. TESTS, 8tC, of every description, You will Ënd it su without fiction, ''urniisliin' attarels From SHIRTS to UMBRELLAS. This is all -we Eay no-w, Tbeefore -we make our boiw "i oure trrjy, ever so, M. GUITERMAN. & Co., i . B A. O H has a nev? and complete STOCK OF MG GOODS bought before the recent GllEAT SE m KGOLD ! Whicli vill bs Sold FOE CASH ONLY, .A.T TIFIE LGWEST MARKET PR1GES ! Cali and See ! Ann Arbor, April, 1864. Fcr Rats, MictRoucTes' AñsBed Bugs, Molks in Furs, IVuohti, -c, ínleets on Tlants, Fowh, Animáis, Sjv. I )'ut np in 2:"ic. 50o. aml SI. 00 Doxos, Butilos, and Flasks, $3 an.l Só sizcs íor HoTEía, Pciojc Isstiil'oxs, fci-, lt()uly infalliblc remedies knowu." "Free (rom Pqiftons.'1 "Not 'iftngerotN to tlic HuiTian T'nmily." "iits uiit oí thtíir hu]e tu diu : Solci holesaleil) alj large oitics. ft. Sold all Druggist! and Retailera evcrywhere. II! riKi.iE UI af all nrurthles Miilalimis. tfcW L(■;■ ttlai rtCosTARs'J i;.i mo -- on saeii Box.Bottlo.aii-l Fl:l;, before vim bvLj "A .'.! v:.s I1K5KÏ K. COSTAR. ■. PkINCJPA] DKPOÍ4?2 !!l:iuinv.vv, Nkw YOKK. Sold all aml 8tailDrUgfitein Aun Aro(n-,.Miihi;::!ii . burjúJ. HOVARD XssWÍ'a T I 0 N, l'IKHDKI.riIIA, l'A. Dlsinn s .f i he Jíhtoim, Scnziiinl.llrlnary aiiil StlulU S J's lema- jííw and reliable tn-atnii'ht- in report oí 1 1 if lloWAKD AiíOQIATION- Seni )'v mait n soalfil Ntlcr p'tívetopps, (Vee of cliai'L'eAddress U-. .!. SKII.Ll.N HOUUUTo.V, Hoivard Asocaliun.No 2 Soutl! Niiillt stieel, l'hüadcljihi.a, l'eimsylvuuiii. ] m,;j JíiouiteJl & Pei-riu, un mmmm itímm, 1SÜ Suuth 'ulor Streel, CHICAGO, IX,X.I3SrOIS. Deülers iu Grain, Flour, Provisioiis, Sccds, GrccLi and Dricd Fiuits, Ciler, tfce. Eefe:c ■ l'njstcm, Wüh'nl í.- K.-t-ü, 6'liíeiigo. S. ÉÓtsférd it Cu., An:i Arljbr. Mich.' tD .- I'articnlnv nttci.I un iítCB to tire sie ofOivcji ttnd Ni i,i Fruit, Ci.lrr, -c., (r.i(.r f.,r ti,,, ihii li , „„,1 Ti,,, .l,v ín if-KiM-m paníeü ivi'.L caslj li du,tMactui') rcfej'i.c; B;9ii JTJST OPENING? i The largest Stock and best assortmcnt o CABINET FÜRNIïURE ? ever brouglit to this city, including SOFAS, TETE-A-TETES, „__ - LOUNGES BED ROOM vSETS CENTER TABLES, BUREAUS, CIJAIRS, Gilt Frames and Mouldings METALIG CASES, &c, &c, and áll nther gooii, kept to tho best and laiièst houses in the country. We neep no second 'Imnd fürnitureor Auctiongouds. Coflins képt constantlj' on hand and made to order, ily goods are offered at THE LOWEST CASH PRICES N. B. I must have mcney.and rcspectful'y rennest those cali and flx up their old matlors w.thoutdeluy. O. M. MARTIN. Ann Artor.Oct. 6, 1863. yj:-,tf RIS DON &liEMXERSOABTJCK.EYI3 CRA1W DRILL, and Grass Secd Sower, Manufaclured al Springfield, Ühio. THE VEKY LATEST IMPROVKMKNT, aud beftér tlian nll otharS; adapted tü Borfmg Wlieat, Rje Oats, Barley and l.rahá rieed. lst. It has a Rotary Feeder. 2d. Wül sow all kinds of Gram and Grass Seed. 3d. Wever bunches the Grain 4. Iu:ver breáis the Giuin. 5th. Sows Grass Seed broadcasi beMiuïthe Drill. Qth. Has high wheeh and long Hoes. 7th. lias lony and toide deel pointe. &th. lt has a land meas ure or Ünrveyor. 9tA. lt has doublé and single rank. drills. lOth. lt has a sel f ad justin g shui off slide. lt is neatly and substantially made, Therèishardlja Drill üffered in the m.irktt but can boayt of more or Ics.s " FIRST rilEMl UMS." Tliey are aboutua iudiscriminatelj bestowed ad tlic title of "Professor," wliicb i.s simetimes applied to the "Jiddiir " or " öootblack." They cease to convey the idea of merit. Tlu, UuckcvePriUhasbeonoa Exl.ibitior. at cjuiio a number of State and County I-nirs, ana without seekihg favor at the tiHBdn of auy Couimitlee, Las reoeived its lullshüi'fcof J'reniiuins TESTIMOJS'IALS : We give the fulluwing uames of a few Farmers n tliis vioiaitj w ju have bought and used Lhc Buektj G Drill : Godfrt'v Millcr, Scfo. JacoL't'olheraufi " ■ JacobTreinpe:;, ThomnsWhile, Northfield. Jolm Broïaw, ïi Christian Kapp, tt EdwardBojden, Wetster. James Treadwell, AnnArboi Daniel O'ílara, " : JohnU.Cook, Lodi. 0. A. Marshall, " L. EdmontTB, Saline. Georgt Cropsey, Grien' O.! it , Uv.Co. "W'e arealso Agents for the Ohio Heapcr & M ,wer, acknowledged tcbe the very best iu use. Wc are jnst in recei])t oí 100 Grain Gráciles Wliicli we will sell Clienp. AIso alarge assortment o G-rass Scythes. And the largest and beat selected stock of I3JEÍSTT STXJI ÏP FOR CARi;iA(;K?t'.v'r before oiTert-.! ia tliï.-s m;irkct Wealso keep a larye aud fuii NAILS, GISS, l'UTTY, PAlNÏ.Hnd I.INSEEU UIL. A completo ss&rtméot of STOVES, TINWAEE, AXDEAVETRüUG ISalways oa hand and put up -i the Bhortesl notice, KISDON Jt H8NDERSÖ. AnaArbor.June29th,lSH2. gr.ütf ÖZT1' COÖFEH SHOP". SPAFFORD & DODSLEY. O. C. SPAFFORD & D. IIENNING, Wouldrospcclfiillv annonnce to the citizens of Ann irbur and vicmify, thut thvy aro uow rcanufaeturiog and keep coustantly on hünd a Large Assortment of COOPER WORK! Such as Fork and Cider Barrels, KegSjFirkins, Churus, WclI EucketSjFlour and Apples Earrels,(Lt'. ercliants an'l Brew.Qrfi are invited to their IïuvU-r i'irl.jn inul Ik-w Kegs. CITSTOM 7CrOXl3S:, done to' ORDEE on SIJOKT KOTICE and Wirrantrf. ■ EP" Casli paid for Slaves, Heauiiig and IIoops. A:m Alb' r, ■",! . "il:. !- H .... , Etate of Julni U. Arnistioug OÍATE OK MICHIGAN, Coimï of Wu-unZ. O All penosa i,;ivinr oüiima or demanda ,'„,■' toteo) .,„,,„ ,0. a,, „-„,„,,, j,„, ,„ tuSKSLt Lodl.tnsaíd county, deíeasea.are hfrebi , [ "'' rjqnlted to i,rccui the ui,lr i,, ft. uVr,lS' the róbate office .11 the city oí ina Arl, 6 ei!. couV, J of Ihe orM m..,,!,.,, „,- ,,r .," Court said county, o; or bclorc IVedn,', " Btli day „f M?ch 18, f07 ex.mmi.iw and Sí'1 ix nionths [rom the .laf; Luf,j; bm ,1 """ credJtqr to present thehclaims ágaim-t ,, ÏÏ"! THOMAS NJNDE, .I,ulgo„l kï""' I''tert, Ann Arbor, Sept. !)th, 1W4 í1'SherifTs Sale. CUTE OK MTCIJIGAX, Corimr O)-?1!llIE,tt O l!j rtrtwof writ of Seri tfaeiat Inri ,,„,'" un.icT tlíe eal of the Circuit C'ourt lor th,.i fli Sailtal. i ie btt of JIcl.igan,aml i?"'" r-ck-i mid M.yeved, 1.11,1 on the tw,-itT fin ?" Keb. A I). . 1 M:. s,iZ(. and „pon all th" r, I r' ana i,,t..r,,-t of wmtam C; Voorbef, di fend,ÏL '" amued, jnand t.. nll thosn certain tract „" "" land Wtrt i„ t!,e at.v „f A,m L? C" sfniiows. (., uii . sil thnt rait of lrj J"1 jfcM, blk Ko, „„, t?orth of Humo ?L Wn-eeEt ,nsa City „F Aun Arbor, Si1! .üui, .-!h,.i ;,t tto nprth-wt comer oí u,f' ru:ni,,;on Main Slréét, afó.-esalj, soull, ,■'„'," feet, tlieuce rurn.inir „e,t to tl.e allcv in , , ■ " 8ld lut, tlience north to the Dorth lino of sa.l 1 , ' tlicoceatto the place of bezinning, wK i V -t-re bnding thereon. Also a partof BecHofí.i? tiwCitj-of Ann Arbor, afore.saúlf c, ..V, ZJtí ""'■ HurimHwt, Sl.,,.,l(. ,,„) iiílLL of where J streel crosses the eóeion nl'f,"' ■eotioflsWaiidSO.antlifiJñnlBg east along tbP ''" of B.1I.1 atrnt uine roda snd ai liáis, theoce IS ' westerly direction niue rods and tlurteen lisk j , k HOrth to tl,e place of beginning, contun!,,, ,ñt' " of and resérvlag tWreiY,,,,, teáiode aridWo , " fifth links across the Eouth end of „aid lot Z, propertyl shnll offer lor sale at publK auctíífí11 due 10 the higheM bid.ler, at tl.e front door V CourtH,,,lse,in theCáj „i ' Ann Arbor. TlX' fflOfr? üf October at ia "'ciCi af.bsth.i. riinjp "W.jy Commissioners' Notice. QTATKÍ.F MICHIGAN, County of Wailí, CTJlfe nndersfgited haVïng been ppomttd b, ,ü Probate (',,„rt lor ,d County, fn.nni ,,u,Jn ceive, examine and adjustall claimsan.l demand. ni Vi pentsqsi.Bs, ti.c otate of David I.d, í ll,etownship c,f Salem n „aid Con,.t v Seit,'' bj tlmt sis in-nths from date a. of said Probate Court, allowed for credit!, , ! tlu-ir clafüs agnimt S8Í1 deteasert, and I),,, f"?, meet at [he late rexidence of said CmL e "f Townshipof .alem in said c nnty, „ ,,, -,'" "" twejfih day of NovemJbcr.and T,,i,, ,íI""il-v "le dayof one o'clock. KlL day, to it-ceive, examine and arlin-i aiü Cj, " I-II0MA3 BU8SEY, i'1 Election Notice, ' átiBHiFP s Omen, As abo e;-l.l:ll,,l 'j Tothe Electors of tile Counij of ffashtenav Yon .-iri' hereby notili.-.l that at tile Üen.iral feem o boheldon th TocsJay nest suceeedinj the s,',, íondayof November next, in the stite of lucha? he follo.vmg o;üjrs ar.' tu bj eleoLi-.l viz ' Ekjht Hoctor? of President and Kice-Prrtjed ,[ ■ ' u"' HfcteJ, Ueateoiinf Gmite Auditor (cm of State, Stite Tri tjTnmW)nérl thóStte [,(ryl -. ,i -■, utorneyi .' il, SupyrtptandeiJt of Public loetruotion a Jlcmber 1 liestate BoarJ ó: Eluva't'ón in place of Witti j b 'r'!llH1i ": '-'■:■ w'U exjace Debembér, dj4,an...i ■■preantatiye in Cngr fofthe3ri 0' tres.i.m,ar):.-t,ict. to ilui ymir Pinnity isáttictó As-odateJaaice af Suprumu Cuurt in ilaceof ii.ul tip', llinriing, decpaed. Alan, a ÍM lor the 7th Ssoatorial K,trit! coinistiu,"!1 tliu ityolA'in Albor, che twm uperibr, Silem. AiíaArb-ir, Scio, NoitliBoH, ama, D :x:'_r, Sylv.i:i, aol Lyqioo i;i ílie Cmj üf VYaSIKL'lKUV. AÏso;a3ë!itor'fiifihé-8t] Sünitorfnl riti , siin.i( tb i itv ol Y'iMiinnti, Uw TpwosliiMgC X. lanti.Auïai'a.Pitsaeid. Y.irk, l,od, Sal Bridiíew Uer.Siarrm, aa ! Mndtestor iu ihnCmtr WashUmaw. Alió, K R'jtf tatir' fi.r ea=!i of Vhe four Rnr entative UUn-ti iu the Cuuut.r of WashtcBMj i follow.s . lsi Distri-.t- S.ilenj, Superior, Ypsi'ami Citj, fit field, an I psf anti ïwn. 22 District- uu Aibor CMv. Aan Arbor Ton N'ur fleld anrl Woli-t -T. 3d D'irrirt- lujmta, York, S.iün.3, Lili, Brid water, an i M ïucheHtPr. 4íA cí- 'reoilom, Sitaron, Sylrun, I.iina, Sc Dexter, and Ly ,.':o:i. Also thtt t:i ■ hillaVing Coaaiy oiüoers {út theCoo tj-of Wa.slit.-ni-,v. are ti :, '-d at the ams tii towit: O.-10 Jad,'-' of I'r.-iia (. rne Sn riff. ( C uniy Clerk, ony Crmty l'reiaaier-, 003 Rejpittu üetds.ouj PlOiecuting Altorney, ivi-u OiriMil Ca Cummisaionor.-i, tw iCüron-r. --■ on ■ n.lnntr Srrtt PUIi.U" ff,NT: ;.U!. Shtrj Chaucery Salo. STATU Of 5!in!!(;AX- Iu (',T„;t Confl r,,r tl;(. (■„ tj ur Waslitcniiw, In Uhaowry. Elii J'erii Comjdailiant, ri. Sebrn i'fefpnítílút. ïa STrarfcuanfl liy virmp-'nT a deern of (irruü ft fiT tli' (or,:.t; of V.'.iiiti-i:lw. in Cl,; nc : v . n,a'( the Eccon'd itïfii ílécenjírr A . Ji . , . t,li .',: ' (; and lifly-nine. 11 ,-i ccrlain caa,i thuri wjjerein l.ii-ii 1 Prkin is cöipplailiunt, xnd Pebi P kiiis ik defelWTutit. Röffce .- io-it-hv i.'ipn,!l,atltt WtH t I .-!.■!- ii, 11 tn Ir.tln.-t ! 1 o'clock, 1)00:1, rn í'ítínniay. the sertntp Potnilt!'r, 1., tic front tl.,"r iif t'i1 l'i'ur l!,'i of the 'ircuit Cour! for theüounty "i jyasbtmir. tlie ciiv of Afin Arbor, Counfr -:' State of Michigan, " ïheest Imlf ui Uit wui- guarteroi sectiu Bfiuen, amt tliè west Uil oni nnrt h -ta ut isrteruf s-tio)i tweuty tn-,, BTuüh one south of ran.ce aeye-n ':it. in tiie Tmih;1:,.!' ïem, in the Countj of Wusbtenftw. and Ptiiié "' Mie Ijfani c 11. ANTi.i-n:, Circuit Court Commisstoner in and tur the Countj Washttüa'. 0. Iwkixs, Pulicitor for Ci.;)UikülDt. Ann Arbor, Ju! } t rnty-mntli, Á. H.,3SC4. W Tlieabove áale is potponed until the 27tb riay Octtd'iT 7, i-.t . ;i Í tbt' .--alue pi a er ali'ï lime "Í il;'JUa.M, Sept.l", 1884! C.H.VANd.KVK. . Circuit Court Connnis3foner, Washtenaw CouBiB FURNITURE RiCi! One door Xorth of Risdon umi HendersoiTs ïhrin Sttore. uiidersigiipd har.ijlg jlnrVhaK'd tl.e entirf 1 of W. 1). Smith Í; Co., and added largelï td Ihf is preparf-d to furnih bis !)(, ds and ijilWron a t" assortme&t yf weil made furnit .iré, ccíü of SOFAS, BUREAUS, BEBSTEADSj EOÖKGASES TABLES and CHAIRS, of all kinds, and in fact oi Terytïiing pf;rtaÍDÍngtoli business . LOUíííiE JMATRASSi &c ., &c.,ma'li to order by gooj and experiêocsj fl[ men, ;nid warranied to giw w '" Uri-ps k pood a-ortturnt ut Cheri'y jiud W.-üuuí lum Mi le al réiii-oñable prices. Aml wil] i ii!jl;r.t iiiiirlift prict; ior Clu-rrv, Waltut, aui '1 WuiMiLumber. P. 8. H(. has jlIsü purt-Imsed the new an-1 ELEGANT HEAESE! of Smitli & Co., rfnd isprepared to furui.-h all W1 Wöod Coffins, Mefalic Cases AKTX CASKETS, On tbc Bhortest nptice. Also ntdlifls tn lan"F"' : 1 1 mr ■;)! i;:y a)!-! night; uitbout chargefurnilure dtdivtied in thecity froe ol charge, W. U. BEKHAB. Ann Ar7j-or,.i;,nnsr.v lílli, 18C3. 9!0t? ""OOK ECSIsEE A large lot of LINEN OOATi AND SÜMM.ER GOOPS alwiiys 011 Luml it M, Guitcrmáii 4 Co't CLOTHING STCEE. Civ.' nu a cali mil we can nnd 'ill sell c'1.f,1' 11 1 Ut) t ....,!- tham t . i !. !l"'" ___- - - - Ayei 's Sarsapanlï


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