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ul)üshed"rery Friday morning,!n thèthird story ol ihe brickblock, corner of Main and Huron Sts., ANN ARKOil, Micli. Ent.raueeon Huron StrübtiOppositcthe ELIHÏÏ B. POND, Éditoï and íüWisher Terina, $2 OO a Year In Adrantei Vlvnrtlsiiis- One square (12 Unes or less), one „eek '5o?nts tnroe weeks $1.50 and Ü5 cents foi ,,i(?rtion there fter, less than three monthsduo Square 3 mot Í4.00 Quarter col. 1 yr Í--0 ,. '. . mos 0.00 Half column 6 roos 20 Oo iquare 1 year 9 0 ' Halfcoltimn 1 year 35 03('res r, mos 8 00 One column 6 mos. 36 ío ï'"R 1 y' 1--ou : Oll-' cnIl'mn l 'ear 6" Cardsin Directory, not to exceed four Unes, $4.00 ÏÏertKrs to the extent of a quartr column, regu„1, throuüh tl,., ytar, will be cutitled to have thar car'!'" Directory without extra charge. j3 v h'i-tKi'iiK'ntfi unaccompanied by writteD or "1] ,rf(-ti.nwllUe published until ordered out L.ïa?rtiaëmèntivllnit mserlion', 50 cents pel r.ii; -25 cents per folio fór each subsequent irsertion wi0'nlpotpciement is adden tn an a.lvertisement the rtole'ivill be charlea tliesatne as for fir.stinsertion. -'ir.r '...'rietiesof 1'la.inanilFanoy Job Printing, ecu:,h ,,r„ra„lne,aainthe e=t strle fcdrda- W hW R''S'es Rotary Card Press and , , ,ri(tv of the IatB8ttyhM of Car.l type which ,ll!'f1J1 '„ ,, -trii of ,11 kioa ntheneatest "lal;;,Vl,V,?. ■ n.ileaper ffian any oiher hou.e in the hííiíní ' Balt, uv.Miíií and Visiting Cards, ptinred on ■ sliovt not ir. C.-Jlau'l sae ampies. T!OfK BIVIMSIG- Connected wilh the Office is a n,„k Bindervin charge of two competent wnrkmen - .E, ïty Reo:.r U, Loeiers, Journals, and all Blank Books X"i, toorl-r. :,ul.,r the best st..ok. I'amphlets nd ,n .1 ir, a ne'at ,n,linrHeniimfr,a Pe{;, pricea. Entrance to Bindery through the Aryus jgce. .


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