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Ofï Mound City, U. S. Steamee i Faiut, Oot. 24. 1864. $ Mk. Argus : - Sinoe writing you last, nothing of particular importance has trauspired worthy of note. We have been ou several guerrilla '"scares," but none have imounted to anything. Our uioruiug ride up to Paducah, where it was reported the rebels were iu large force under Forrest, and nteuded to attack the last named place, proved like many others, a " roorbock," and this boat, like Napoleon'a army, retraecd its course, and landed safe and sound at our old headquarters, Mound City. This place shows scars that havu not been healed by the carpenters and masons, huge briuk edifices are punched all fi'll oí holes, and massive sides of brick and mortar are levcled to the groutid. Hurd fighting and considerable cursiug no doubt bas been done at this place. Paducah- occupies a oommanding position on the Tenuessee and Ohio. The banks along here are high, and the scenery stretching away'as far as the eye can reaeh up the Ohio and Teuuespee rivers is truly magnificent, and I thought at the time, had I a ".--ketching frame," could take the outlines of as fine a view as any landscape drawit g n the country. But as I was not in the fine art business, but eogage-i in a heavier occupation, I iminediately cast a look around, and a 24 pound howitzer stared me in the face instead of "drawing apparatus." I was in hopes that we would take a trip on the water's of the Tcnnessee. I have heard much of the beauty of its scenery, and the water being so clear, almost made me regret to come back and anchor at our beadquarters - hut officera who are placed over us run the ship, and all us comtuon seamen could do, was to obey orders and jump like a "white head" at every command. Last week we were in the Navy Yard for repairs. After getting a few stan chions in, and the boatpartly painted and grawied, another nuisance came in the way of au order that we must proceed imruediately down the Mississippi to Columbus, Ky., whero it was stated some rebel ehieftain was opening upon the town with shot and shell, and that if we did not meet the gunboat Syren, to prooeed ïm mediately to the scène of combat. Thank the stars we met her, and we came back again to our old position at the Navy Yard, where we finiBhed the boat, and she now looks neat and trim as oue could wieh. This boat is going to be the flag-ship of soiue división, and we expecfc to have sotne gay times on board of her in the course of a year. The old flag-ship of Adinïral PoRteH and a Monitor that was lying alongside have gone to riew Orleaus. But few gunboats are left at these headquarters, and soon I expect we will be 8n the move Perhaps its getting pretty late in the seasoo for political "straws," but a good one blew out of the Fairy but a short time ago. The officers of the boat were éxtreinely desirous to have a vote taken, sure, of course, that a great majority would be wafted for the present incompetent ineumlent of the White House. Well, after considerable figuring and political inquiring, the machiuery was put in motion, and after the votes were counted, McClellan had a majority ol flve, Tho Captain made up a wry face the Executive looked chagrined, while one or two masters, mates, who are Mc Clellan men, lookecl the very persouifioation of good humor. The officers were taken by surprise, .and any oue to see the Captain, would have supposec that a solid shot had passed through the cabin and spoilcd nis dinner. Straw No. 2. A vote was taken pre vious to oura, on the gunboat Sybil, and the agreement among the crew was, that If the inüjority wero for Lincoln, then the whole crow, when electiou time came should vota for him, if in iavor of McClellan, then for him. The vote was taken, and some how or other, tho man who so ardently begged for roinforce ments on the Peninsular, liad twenty more than he who cracks vulgar jokes when a uation is going to ruin. The Navy will go for the "youthful Napo" if a fair and honest voto be given. Cominissoner8 from New York, were here kst week, but not a man who is a voter in York Si ate, votad for Abe. We have ten New York voters. I am just getting over a fit of sickness that made me very weak, but am gainiug very fast - will soon be "all right." As soon as any thing transpires you will hear from me. Yours,


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