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Miscellany: The Inventive Genius Of Labor

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The pfojskal ncccssily of menta! activity, in every prac: ca' satine, con.'ers upon the mind the power to determine our stuture, strerigtlï'ahd aiid lónVevityl'to muliiply onr organs of senee, and increado their ciinacily, in some cases, to 3ú,000,000 times tlimr natural power. This capicity of the mind is not a meie prospective possibüity; it is a Jact, a triod, practical fait; and the human mind is more busy than ever in extending this prerogative. Let na lonk n upon man whü'j encoged in t 'ie verv ac: of nddmg to nis tutti ral strengtli these gig.intic fuculties. See liitti y onder, hending over lijs Mono mo-r;ir, and pouhding nnd thíímj5íhgí, and pweatinij to pulverise his fluily o-roiii inlo .1 moro esciilenf. Wfníí Me stops and loks a moment-intq the precipitóos torrent tlmo'lerng down ifs rocky channelr Tiicre n thonght. lm? otruck liim. He vvliisllo; he vhitt!;;s emne. for Ik? lenrnpd to whülle soqii o f: er he learnid tt brrnfhe. Ho pe.irs torrcther, eomc lir.riziüitnlly nnd othé(8 perprmlicu!ar!y, ti score of little ïv'obdeh whcels. Hé pets ifiein nronLr, nd ciopsMiis naiias in tïionfph to sec wint thcy would do, if a thcnsatid timos Inrjrer. - Lool nt him;'gain. Uo'.v pfóiuíly hesniKJH, v;!i foldcíí nrnis, li)í:kinr ,-it iho hoge tilinga that are icoiking for him! He lias mmje Uiat uüd intriiig1 torront hs tuce as liis lioríe. Mi; has tatigliL it to wlk backward and Ibrward, he ling oliven ii handí, and put the crank of dis b'L uIkíc! into it nnd mnde it iiirn his ponderous gritidülont'. Whnt a tn.köioster! '! Lcok M him again! lic is standing 6n the JCPOD be'ifclu Wütchinrr tbc cros.'otl hillows ■'S ihey move n nntiiw squiclrnns over tbr áorp. He lina concc veel ur lienrd tbnl tiiicr i)io.!iiot:onp, more fruya nnd fiowers inn be !u:i:-(] n yon.'Irr invisible fhore. in an insMnt, Uh nijjjd s;mpüii m ;vi:i ;ie of lúe nhysical i';i!i;f. Seo! thc:c is ;i rcw (hoi {rht i;i lus .-ve. Me reme íniev fiow lie firet shd)IVcJ Ü.'C l;ore:p; lu ifow bits nd pnddles lln: mnntiiiin wave. No'. st:sfiod wilh pnbtiuinjT ifjfö pr'fitl":r, 'iehn-;i!(s (inmlipr ulo Hts pérVic'é; RemVrhber nn; hifi mill-darn, !:e Cunstrucf? a lloütin-r ■■ o" cr.nv.'iss n tlieair, to hnrness the wriids 'o hip oce.ii) urn-in. rj'n:is, wttli lus wntorlior:e di(i ;iir [ïiiressct] in aiui. m, ia; nwv Ilm ui' v.:.;, uith a ■f 1:1.1 1 !:'". niii-1 f :ho o!i! Nci'iHXi htde hls fljmiulihed head or envy, and siuk bis clumsy t'ro ti'uv! lip v.r.'its finirïfliinrr c!o, his np:'-'it'! Inr somc:hifi bvlíocihgn lio íi-i?. prow.-.' npon v;c;t lic (oen?. Tiiti fuct ís, ie liai plod';( ■; Jitiout in Iijü.oüc Jinvñt waguii lili he i HipgiisiU-ii wi:h lii.s peor rnDcity (ƒ ]'iCo:m: ion. The iving-Q ot' Alciciry, inoagaQ eagle nñd pnppf'tKÍicá. aro ali toj itopraclfcible for m;:(!r.'ls. He FfitUés döv u iip'nti tne porsiiasjon timi he can nukf-n n.-at ï-o ;.■, uuli bnii.-? of Ptre!, nnd ri!ii.-rs Pi (iÖif iIimI v. il run nfffiinst luro v. it!i M-n-firy r-r üiy tln-r winrd mosrengrr of Jovft: - ilnrin-j rum)! Ui .l).ri:ps otn h;s Im.1 ifvint h.iri hoxiippd upo!) ho track. How the pint cro;:Uiro yiniíp To-th 1'rom jiis ü.lJc, p:,ntinr (O L-o r,,:o: - iï'S prcit iiei'it a funiftco of glowiijg couls; In.. Ivmphniic blood is boilinp in !'- veins; thr f(trciyrni of a t'liríusnnd höcfèa ia rerving liis irnn pi;iev.. Bui lii? mnstcr'rriní-' min in with odp flüorr, till tf( vvhole of some vest th villarrp, iiinii, wniDMi, cliildrcn, nt)(] Iinlf thoir horncd cr.t'Jo, frheep, t.fmhry. vlent, nnd ptotop?, hnvr; been stowed nivny in ilmt lonr train of wtigonp lie luis honioFsed to vs lunn mnr slenrp hoi-in. And novv ho pIiodís iuierrpgntiyoly; Jlll rightl and npplying a huriiiní: gond to the huge creatnrp, awny it thundots ovor the iron roar). breïttluug forth íire nnd smoke n i'p indignarii lii'.ste to cnitstrin llie wind. More terrible tlnn the war horse in scriptrjre, clolhed with loudcr llniiuler, and cnnt!inj a oioud o!" fimne aud buiningf coals rrom Iiis iron nnstnls, h.q (ahos on lliroujih daik inountn'i) passes, over jilling precipces and derp ravjnes. Ilis treod eijakes th, cnrlli !ik(! n travelling Ningnm, nijd the sound of liis cliorioi whcela wnrnsthe pconlé of dislanl (bwns ttfát c iscotiiing; coming1 where? tb Boston of cours?. Tlie?e nre a lew of fhc f.icolties wliich '.h imman mind hos ufvt'ntpti to incrnse onr !)_vsïcal cajacity, o improve oar phyj-iciil condition. Aiii) i!ify ;iro t lio pcrsoünl proporty ol pvery !k!vh!u;i, and ovor rrady .blo '■■ put liim nto coiiiKiiinic.'ilion v. ilii uil ilie cauoforïs ond conveniente they-con procure. Tijt stonin p;ivine, tf.c packet slijp, nre my ow'i] pei6unnl facultie., as mnci), vea more ííiñri ihey u-ould be, if t'lj'ey woro nn inseparable pnrt ofmybeino. Tm-y iie ';,r more nvnil..ble to me. h:m if my Toet wem uxldcd on eacli of ihem. Tiirrrfore all these arlificiHl r-icuhics; ccry invetition and implcmr-nt to give n now Cuf'icity Lü laUjr; every i)í:i oí progrets in ll arts nnd sciences; ovcry deroo of intejiectiial dovelonnip 'J:it bat uern mide s-ince the liirüi of tiiü:i;;;ity, have ii been l!;c renlt of ;i,at imp:''o opprpetuu! í.ciivi: y '.vhïch ihe y'éárning necessitios ol' mnn'ö physieal naitire hnve communicat"d to l;is mind. To ïmeÜomte our physieallion, hns boen the object of even- inieilectiiül nilainment. It has led tothe ditcovery of ev?ry principie of nnturnl phios-. opliy and science; t has ínspircd every cd;ceplion of taste, promptrd evcry nc: fpat riutiwn and chrietnm p1iiíaathroíy. Il wns "01 to intlul-je n few raeré {ntellecival ubslraction, tl,„t th0 ancient Fl)CI)i1erds nm] sailorsclambcrcd ,ip intouie blue hpavend and constclltttcd tho ètnre; they wanted them for gvïde boards to ihem by niht over thevast pluiiis of the East, and the uncharted waters of the ocean. IC Phidias and Praxitelea were only bent on a mere diversion ot the imufftnation, neither of ihem nceded fo have touched a chiscl. Thé man who erented Apollo B?lvidere looked into the mountain sicfe, nnd saw the bowèd c'eity invested in all hïsgodlike attribntes in the unqiiarricd marble. But lic coulii not boar to see him liomperrd there in his lapiduons shroud beforR his mind's eye: he soized liischisel, r.nd wiih indigriiant stroke?, be'loro away hr ceremental mnrbleiind Iet out tlic god beforo liLbodifseye., tobe woráhipped by miiliofis wiio, f thoy dnred, might touch his niarble flesh. All ihr bcau'.iful orders of architecture nnd creitionsof the pencil; all tho bWcëpfiöns ')fllie benut'ful in nat ure, nnd art, nnd humani'.y, are ■inventions extorted, as it werr, from (hen)ind, to exiend nnd increose tho plcasurcs j sau?. All the jnstitutions of liumangov'unment, tho principies of poütical nconpmy, the ospirations of patriotism and he eíTorts of philanthropy, have been called for;h by-Jhc necessi.ies of our physicn! ralure, which Divine Wisdom ordintied shnuld never be sup'r )lted without the busy occnpaiion of the nind.


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