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The Result In Che County

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Anuther artiole gives the reported rn:joritiei for Presidenthi) Eleetors ih the several Towns n this County The official oaurass will probiblj not vary the reíult a single voto. Our table shows a Demooratio majority on the home vote of 208, whioh will probably be lessened but not overeóme by the army vote. In lSGO'Lineoln's niajority vaa 656. The Democracy of Washtenaw have raadu a good figlit, and it ís no fault of theirs that the Slat and nation are not rcdeemed frura Iiepublican mHriile. Notwithstanding the storm which prevailed all day the vote is a large ooe, and but few Tnwiw report a deficieney corppared with the largest vote ever polled in the County - that of 1860.- Tbe vote oould not be expected to be largor than that of the yeur oamed, aa the recent censui shows the population of the County lees in 1864 than 1860, The sevoral Tovns have done well, The DeiDOcratio Towns hare generally incroased their majoritios, - and with one or two exceptions the Bcpnblican Btrongholda have given signs of a elight "cavingin." This may e?pecially be said of Saline, where tha Democratie guard did a big dry's work, nnd algo of Salom, Sylvan, and Lima. Bridgewater, Dexter, Freedöni, Ljudon, and Lodi excelled themselves, and Northfield stood firm. We name these nat to detracl irom the honors of any not named, but as a just tribute to the extra oxortioDB made in those Towns. The reported mnjoritios in the Oounty are as folkiws: Judge of Probate - Beakes, 262 Clerk- Pond, 212 Rogister- Tuite, 186 Treasurer - Blum, 170 Sheriff- Winegn 131 Pro3eoutiDg Attornoy - Blodget, 116 Circuit Oourt Commissioner - Frazor and Carpe Dter, each, abo ui 170 The tables given in another oolnmn will sliow the majorities for members of the Leg si at ii re. Mijlik, in the 2d district, will probably be beaterf by tho soldiers, vote, but Fokbbk, in tb 3d, and Haie, in Iha 4th, we think are ufe, and also Jonks and Robison, our Senators. And so tanda Washteaaw County.


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