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New Foiüc, Nov. 8 -Late Kiohmond puper.s aokuowloiiiio ihe delea. of (íeñ, Va.ughn losing fimr preces oí artillery and 200 mon. Tïiey áay the attaek wan a surpriwe, Tríe Bup'ist nfcTntíon of Georgia calis for a Legislativo act to protect tbe roarriage right ot slaves. The Examiner hart an nrticle on tho scarokj and hih priuoa of broad. Baknra ask $2 per poimd Jor it. The Enquuer has an anide on tho lack of discipline n tho cavnlry, and calis fora refr'gnnizai.ion of the nitttttr. Tho Evquirtr ha a long letter from i tho army íavnring the couscription oí all negroeii, It says the army i goueri al!y íavorabla to tbo rnovoment, and thinks ího negroes would make good eoldiers, The wame paper has n letter from a planter opposing tbe stilifine. lio says I tbat arming the negroes would be tbe i dcath bluw to slavery. It points out thfi dangei'H to the South from the negro Holdioi-pi, aftor the war is ended. The VVilmingtoo Journal naya thftt tho Yankee attaok a poatpoDed for the present. The Enquirer saya the negroes from the trans-Mississippi Department indicado that Ihe army is very large, ar.d promises brilliant operations, There íh great activity ia the rebel arsenal at Shreveport and elsewhere. The Goldsboro, N. C.. Journal givea a full acoouat of the stnkiag ot the ram Albennaríe. ít say-s the Albormarle went down m a íew minutes. The water being shallow her port holes were not siibmerged, and though her gun deck is five inehes under water, her guD still comruaud the river np and doven. The injurv sustainod can be repaired iü two or three weeke, iöcludiug the vetrol.


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