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WASHTHNAW (JOUNTY MUTUAL HRK TNSL'HAXÜF COMPAVV. Office over Noh Sf Rider'i Boot and Sioe Store, lAlin 9HÏ1I.., Wil'TP.S-ív. I YOÜNG ME] Just Published in a Sealed Ennl Price Six Cents. AI.FCTURK or, the Sature, Troatraen!, „a , Cure of Bpennat.irrb.oe or Semina] tt'e.ï I Toluntarv Emis on, ïul Dcbility. ui Im,w? tn Marrlage gem-rally. Nervousnew, r,,,, j Epltohy, and Fitt H Dtaj and pbn,, l„" ' i aHtag from Solf Abuse, íc. I5v HOB'T J (W WEI I.. M . I)., Authot of the "Green A,,, í tl ïheworli rennwned aulhor, in hi, oí"í: ton, Blearij proved fn.m I,, own fxperinc, ,1 aw'ul consequence of Íell-Abusp maí be eir,.P',, i, n.ove.! without, and Without ■]:,,„ ,"" OH] r.pera1if.n, buK:M,, rín. ,,' " : püintir.K out a mo.le ,f i-ure at oné eertni'n 7' tul, by wl.icb evry ulfercr, no aiatier batl! ' dition maj be muy cure hímself chea Ir m-an.l radloally. TI.U Icetuio will píbrea CJa a ann#: anii tliounatids'■ la Sutuniler pal. to acy art.irsí in a n]ai„ enrelope t.n therrcipt of sir eet i-r tw " laTO.p,byadareing. t0' ('1AS. í. O.KUHEftb 137 Bowerj.New York, l'ot Office Box, ligj ' LOST! On tl'e 2l!i int , a LADY'S SM.U I niv CA.--K GOU) WATIH: Any per,on retu.n, Watch !o the ubscriber will be liberallj ,.,„, M 8 SJ-LENBEÏ Inirerit7 Stleet, North of. Meüic! ColL Ann Aib.r,Oct.,28tli,i864. 2w9 MILLER, DAinS&WEBSTI AgonU for the sale of 10-40 17. S. BONDI 7 3-10 Treasury Note alao, for ale, Interest 6 Per Cent Compom LEGAL TENDER NOTES iS&wJS&Sl for G0LI) rRatm nm" Ann Arhor, Oct30th, 1864.' j,, A VERY LARGK AND attractive Stock cf Forei&fiu Domestie DRY GOODS now epsned st CüDaiíting of IBISH FOFLIN0, Freoch aud English MerÍDoi, EMPRESS OLOTHS, Black and Color td Al patea, DELALES,FANCYPLAIDS, Clotlis and Cassimere, FLANELS, PRINTS, Bleaohed and Browu Sbeetin, DENIH8, TICII1I1I Blaukets, &c, &c. and o ebeice stock of MU GRCCEfilES all of which were bought during The Great Pacic! in NEW YORK, iind coneqnently ni íolJ much lowr than thoe 1 matle their purchasee eariy in the season. All kicdsof PRODUCE tato in EXCHANQE for GOODS a a"1' J. H. MAYNAKD. Anii Arbor. Oet. 31l, 186. WIZARD 'OILI THIS SPLENDID BEMEDY Cjj B TÖ0T1IACITE W8 NEURALGIA In Three Minóte. In Ttn Mlnn"J_ tESRTrTÏË"" KAÍtACUI Ir FÍT.e Minutes. Ir TfD Hln"t"_ CBi-Mr CCH.TO DIPT11KKIA Ín Ten Minute. In a Fcir B_ OKU THROAT ' KUEt'MATISSI. . in a Few Iíoura ]n a Few P?1' LAMKBACK. BBailNB. J CUIS AND BRUISE8. BÜRNS so SCJI COKNS. CHJLBLAINS. j L OSL_ j; TW invulunlile prepavalion only nei-rt "J rerainnií'nd it;i-lf to rvery houwbold d ' í" j I' onc bottk Miil .ion wtfl lway Vetp It "" "" agaiíiHttli lime of rinr!. . bottl.- rotilain nearl.v ttiree. times s ""„.tv I malí on. M:ii;irctnrcii by J. A. ■ ij'p URO., 11 iv.riünsrh.n Mreet, CUcago, ní rc' " by rirtiiigMl üncrnüy. ,,,, , , . ■ ! rnt'.T. tlnrh ruller i (jymo Wholü . te -j fy fli i Stuit. !


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