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Present Appearance Of Chattanooga

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d city. Tho bugo parapeta of clay stretch around fwo sideg of it, from the Tennesaeo above to the Tennessoe below, and iheie is no entraño itito it, except cross the river, or through the gates in üia wall. rhroogh tliese h great traing Inden wi'h nren, and uieat, and bread. and horsoH, rumble in aud out, and ibrough tliem '-vviinn tlio mixed multitud of man wbo wow congrégate here, waiting to go tmvsrd the front. CUaUutiO' 'ga has becoine a spirit of nterprise, and nnted for its public; spirit, Jíot oniy lias it comiiletad a jstem cf extensiva water-worka, but, warned by the great destruotion by fire lawt winter ofGoí-eninií property, now has ruad y for uso tt a moujout's waruiug a spleudid fire engine. Tiio ciiorni'ms aecuraulation of woodn wari'li iusps fiiled with stores, has ren1 dered tliis f-tep Kiulilv proper A billiard saloon has aisn been lately establishod, wlifrin i;e raay, by registering hia name three hou tí ia advauce, bo allowed to play tho maximum of thre games. It has likuwi-ü a theatre. Since its establishment in March, the proprietor has liroil.ed lii.- aiubition to a tent, but Ihe nippiug md eager air of Ootobor has bega i to wear upon the chaste ymplioiikie ol bis iniusirels, and he is tiow building for iheir uso a house oue huuiired f'eet square.


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