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Poland Not Subdued

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The natioc ni Poüh govemment, the ropresantative power of a rebeliiou whicti has been dcolured to be unsuccesful, has iddressed a proclanialion to the Po'ish people, which ís powervully writlen, nnd impres ivc, but which declares tbtit tfae ar is not endfid. The tone of tliis reniarknble addrew is not for Bubrniíision. It admita terrible mistakes in the tnethnd of progecuting the war against lÁusem. It confeises the error if' havtng built trtn reit ! a trust upon the hope of fyreign interVenüon_. It hiys bear the weafcness of the cause, and expides it8 faults. But at the samo time it (loüliires thnt th end has not yet come ; that Poland, bleedirio; and wonrnled, Blri(rkeu down but Dot killed, 9 tibaut to rise ngain to ren;w the ba'tlo. ïne addrefs , in tone sdmlrablf. It is not btMistisg ; t ie franl', sorrowfal and sincere. It isa document which cnuld not otilv trtiaiate trom a people tiorie-i t in thcir reflolutioDP, nnd (utetmined to fight .o the bitter end. Tt cn r.ot bn lonkeil at as rnerely a collecinn of word.", but it lias a bold .noor)" ing whic.h. raut ! ■ r t be iiii-ntiders'ood, ind which wijl h"ro'if'er vindícate itself by acts -'llp'tia Inquirer. SL" Miij. (Ten. Wiiehburn has been reli'.-ved fi-om hi-8 command ut Metuphie , by (Jicn Dana. EiST The poople of Portland, Me., nve augrniintint; tbo number of private and public wntchrnen, ho that acy atiBinpt ut a rubcl ruid m;i y bu c ecked in god scason. L" Twel? tb Misand dojjs are repslerod in tht; State of Verniont, yieldi'g au aunudi reveuue of as muny rfülljTH.


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