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The Poisoning Of Gen. Sheridan

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General Buena au, nceompanied by Col. Comstock, of General Graut'a staff, carne down to Winebester on a visit to Col. Edward's quarters, commandant of that pot, with whom they partook of luneheon, preparatory to a ride duwu to this railway. During the cscuraion, Gun. Sheridau, Col. CuniHlock, and Capt. Moore, all bagan to exhibit violent syrtiptoms of eortosive poison, wliieh coutinuod to iücrease until it became necessary to procure a eonveyanco for the purpose of reraoving the Captain back to Colouel Edward's q'iarters. Gau. Sheiidan contiuued OQ horsoback for two or tliroe miles furtber, thougli in mucb distress, and boing obliged frcquently to dis mount An atubulunco tben.inet tlie paity and transported theni to Wiuchoster. The wliite of eggs and other antidotes to corrosivo sublímate wero froely administert-'d, and with the best effect, líeichiug, vomiting, and purging con tinucd tul late in the eveuing, wheu the. General and Col. Coinstock began to improve ; but ia Capt Moora'a case they contiuued all nigbt. The two foriner rested well, and were quUe bright and lively. On tíaturday moruing Colonel Comstock rode to the place und proceeded to Washington. Capt Moore, whrme ca.-ö was for somu timo constdured doubtful, is doing well. It is supposed that these symptoms wefe öoeasioned by sometbing whioh accideDtalty got into the compositicn of tbo cheese, of which all pnrtook freely. Portions of the cheese will be analyzod, aud the whole subject undergo s thorough investigation. Several of the raembers of Gunerl Tovbet's staff ato of the. saiuo cbefsü on tho evening previoun, and wero sirailarly affected, but did not tlien attribute it to the cheese. It is said that no blame is attauhed to any of the merabers of Col. Edward's culinary departmeut, nor íd fact to any one lse by desigD.


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