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DYSFEPSIA, AXI) DK-iKASEÖ EE5UI.TINC FROM DISOEDEBS OF THE UVES AÍTD DZGESTIVEiORGANS, ARK CURKD BIT HOOFLAKD'S BITTERS, THE GREAT STRENGTHENIHG Thc" Billfrs have perfonnrd more Cores HAVE AND DOGIVEBKTTEBSATISPACTIOS Hnye moi TsUiuony I HAVE MORE RKSPECTABLE TEon E TO VCÏÏOI! FOK T HEM I Than nny otlil-r artille In tlio jnniket. We del'y ftny ooe to uoutradict this As-i'tioaj AND "VVILL, PAÏ 81OCO Toany one wiiu wil! prixJu c Certifivéta uWlnit4 by us,thatiK Lot eamuMt, HOOFLAND'S fijftltt BITTERS WILL CLTIÏK IX EVf-flT Cajï OF Chionlc oí Nervotis Debi;ity, Diseña of the Kidueys, and Dlseaee aiising ft ons diLoi deie Stomach. Obêertitht follnci-w umptumPTL$nhiv# from 2i$prir of the Digestiré Organ$ i Coistlifttlun,lnnai J l'ilei-, Kullnt-ss ui IJlnort to l! iiL'fid, Acíriity, oí tlio ï-tomach , Ka U pea. lI':irUiirri, DiguHt for lood, KuUneuft ui tt-L4Lhl in tlicMoniücli Soiir Eructations, Siukirui "r flnT tering Ht ttje pit of the ijtonuicli, SwIúnuTnjf.trí tíie HMd, Hof ried aad rlilftcult brentltinc. Flmterft'g t th Ueart , Chpkfzig o.t tíuirucíitiug deaflatioriK whcn in a L) ii:g Poatoic-., DiInnes ol Vj.sicn.Dotd or Webs betore thp ?tght, Ft ver n'l PÚU Puin in the fjca 1, Utfiditmy oí I'reflpirjitii'Q, YelloWnesa of the Skin anl Kye, pa! In the liiJe, brtok, olieot,)iTnb4, fea;, Sudden fluh-. ri oí Heat, fíuriiiiiíf in the Plosh, Cap.itnt ImuglüUgá of Evil and Great Oepression of Sp;titlv THAT THIS BITTERSIS NOT ALOHOLIC, CONTAINS Nü RUM OR WH1SKEY. AND CAN'T MAKE DRUNKAKC, m mí &&? mm In the World. BT REAI) WHO SAl'S SO t Krom the Rev. I.övI G. Bock, í'mui' of ihe Iïaptiüt Cliurcli, l'emberton. N'. J.t '.uruidif ot'the N'urth Hnji tiátCuuicli, PUilaüeipljia. I hTO known Uoofl&nú1 O(.-rm:iñ Üitters favorable for ii number oj years. i ljnve used Ihí'ni in my owu family,tnd havo been eo pleftned wlth thvir llect tht 1 ws induced tO reoüiiiinenii thcju to inanj othera, ud kui'w hat tbey liuveopratcd q u strikiuítlv beneficil manner. I tnkegreat ploasur) ia tlius jjroclaíming thi9 fact , and caliiu tbe attention of tho.e aillicU'd witb tlie dieasea fer wblch tUey are recummended, to these bitters, kúowing f rom experience tbat my lucommenilaliun wíl] boustaincl. I do this mora cliiírfulíy fts Uooíland'a Bitters a intended to bfeü tho ftllliüted, and is 'lnot h ram drink," Yours trui , LEVI G. BKCK. From lUv. J. Newton Brtwn, i. D. Editor of the Encjclopedia of Reliffious Kuowle-iife üd bristiap Cbronlclehihidutpbia. lttiough not disponed tof.ivor orrccomrat-nd Patent Meiü'jinc? ín enorhi, tbougb distrust of tliejr ingrodieatü and utïVcts , I yt't know of do sutflcieiit reason whv a man tnay nut íefttlff tu the ucnefifs lie bulievci bimself to have receivt! iroin auy Nimply preparativa in th" hope thal he maj thus coa tribute to, tbe bentlt of othur. Ido tliia raororetulilyin regard to HotOiand's Gerraan Bitierí, prejared oy J'r. C. ii. J.iivks'jn, of thia city, because I mu prcjudiccd Haiast tln-m for many yeara, under impi-f'ssiua tkiu" ilacy wro eliietiv a alchóholic mixture. I am indebted to my fricndKob ert rihocmakcr. Ksq., f the reaoovil of tbis projudie by propfr tests, ttnd lor eucumAgemcnt to r thm when BuiToring from gretit azul long continuad Uebiüty. Tli o i iu a .if throe bot tíos o i these bilí pea llm k.:, . niiiff of the present year, was icviluwpri by eridDt relief and rcjítoratton tt a degrp-e Ckfhodlly and muntal Tigor whlch I luid not for six mouttis bttfore, and had a linos t despaireü uf regainiug. I tLerofore thtiuk God and mj friend for direeting ce to tï-o ne of them J. NEWTON lïROWN, Phila Froni the Re. Joa. Ii. ÜJjmaid, Pastor of the lOthBap tint Charch. Dr. Jackson :- Dear S:n- I hare feüea frequent] roquested to coiinect my name ïvjtli eniuir.L'UcliitionB f dit&mnt kinds of medicines, but rfgardjnp the pi actie au out uf iny apiiropriate fiihcre, I have in ail casca declioed ; but with a clearproof in various in.-tanr and partioulaily iu my &uaUy,of the usufiillnejm of llr. IJooflaud's Uerman Bitters, ( depurt lm ouce from xnjr usual entirse. to expres my fi;ll oenvictinn that, 'ut general dobitity of the system and fspeeialiy for Li ver Compïaint, it i a safe and vaiuable prepHratioa. In comeoiiBOs it may iai! ; but iuuaIIv, I dou tnot,itwill b very böneficial to tboai vho suffer from the abov causo. YQurijTíry rfpoctfuily, J. II. KKN'NARD, Kihth bnlow Coate Street, Phlla. Froro Ht. Warren RandoLph, Pastor of the lisptlsi Churcii, Üermantüwn Ptuu, Dr. C M. Jackion :- Dar ííir %- personal experlen enalile m to uay that 1 regard tt,e Geiniaa I!ittr preparad bj y.ou as ainuatexcol ent medicine. In as oí aevero cotd and genoruldobility I havo been graatl beneftted by tho us of th.o Bittere, and doubt oot the wíU produce similar effectt on nthrYoun(tryly, WARREN RANDOLPHGermantown, P Frora Rt. J. H. Turoer, Pastur of Hedding M, I. Chmcii,l'hiU. Dr. Jacksoa: - Doar Sïr .- Hrinir ourti your Gsjiaan BitUra in my family ficquenílj, I im pi.epared to naj that it has been of fireat Wmoe, I btilieve thst in tooI cnaes cf KOnoial dobilily of the Ryftüin it in tb Mnlai ftnd.moit Tftluabl remedj of which I hav-p uny knowl " Yoars.rêipectfullj, J. H. TURNER. Xo. 728 N. Nluatecuth Strwk. From theTïcT.J, M. I.v.-.n, farmily I'a.stor of the Clumbui, ÍN. J.) andlíilUíowu, (Ph.) MapUstChurch. Now RocImIIo; N.y. Dr. C. M. Jnckson : - I)a.r íir :--I íclt it a pLvaiar thUB.-.f my own accord to bpar tertimouy fco the xrfl lonoe of the 'iennau Bitters. Sime y.arK níiicp, b,tíng ranch afüicted with l'-5itiïwiii , I nsíd theni with Try beneflei] rpsuitv I have oítfn rí?cir.imrndtid tbm m porao-nR cn'ebl#d by that fornientiiifr (üspase. And have fiéard from them th most flittring testimoniáis ai % thciv rtfit vfthio. In r.ififi of ponoral debiüty, 1 Y- lievo it íc be a Wmlc tbnt oau nütbesurp-issed. j. M LYönt; From thp Kflv Thos. Winter, Pii&ioi of Rosbork Bftpfist Chnroh. Pr. .Tflikson - Pir .- - ï fooi Hduc to ynut xel Idnt prrpsi -iin, Unufliind'rt 'ïprman Bitters, to add wy tp.stimoiiy fn tho de.t i vt',-] roputiition it hafi obtaincd. 1 havo fnrycirs, M times heen trnubleci with grt ditorder in my hd nd mrvotiB system. ï was driged B? ft fri' nd totryfl bnttle of your Germnn Bitte"n. I did Bo ftnd have ftprif ncod jttcit1 .Tnd unxppptfd re lic); my lialtïi htm bneo vcry ïn.ilt'rirtüy beuufiitêd. I confidrnilv recmmonfi tlt articfp w ero J m-it trith c.isoít similar to my own, and have been anmirfd by ma n y of tli?;r good fiec'1' R(spectful]y yc.iirf", T. TVTXTETC, ttosborotifh Ta. From Rev, J S. Ilrrnr.n, of the Gcrraan Reforrari Churrb. Kutrtown. lierks ('o Pu. Dr. 0 H. ladrón : - nesprrteil Pfr - 1 h.irf #f troubled with I'yspnpHianearly tweuty yofirs. and liave novcv iisod nny medicinó iua1 die rms usnmrh fjond HouöandV Biiiers. I MA very muoh lm pro red In health aftcr having faken Cvc bottirs VrfpríjMith rispeet, J S. HFRMA, BRICES. Iircr SÍT. ihoMing totfciflT doublé qnanfity () $1 00 per hIf 1ii. $.1 HO. Small Siie- 16 ceute er Bottlo- hnlf doien $4 00, BEWARE OF COUNTERFEITS. See tliüt thf lijnaturo "f " 0. M. JACKSOX" 1 en tlic WRAri'KK of.i-Mh IjOHIp. Shouldyour nearoct rru'(rÍ5i nn-l have tliearticle, ée not br put . itT bv iptox'cotinir prepar.ilionB ilmt may bO ; olfereil in its pl:icc, but send to up.and wo will forw&rd, I k'eíl3' i'akefl , 6y eipríít. Pi-iacipal Offiro nnj Manufactory, N0 631 ARCH STREET PHIL ADEL l'HtA. 1 Jones fe Evans. Succcssors to C. M Jarkson if Oo. PROrRIETOKS. ' 1 TVr in!o by'piffgïe mi Dealers in e"TT to


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