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Catching Colds

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During the wiuter season a great many oomplaiu of -!'--eekl.jn the head," and they can not be convinced that it was ooutrueted through their own carelessness. One cause of " eold" is exposure to a cool draft of air, whioh bijl the skin, checks perspiration, and direct the curreut of lh(; hlood toward tho interna] organs, which prosentlv become excited, and, uuder this excita", tion thé bindeys, lor example, wiil n a few minutes eerete as much of their peculiar Huid as they did in ts many hours. Persons very ofien take eold in warrn rooms, in a manner which (to thcm) is unaccountalile, inasmuch as there is 110 opeuing tor the entrarme of air. Did you ever approach a window on a cold day and feel a cold currtnt of air upon your body ? If so, the reason is thus expiuined : the warm air in the room impinges npon the cold stirfnce ol the window ghiss, iand consKquentlv n lurgo proportion ot its heat"; and when tiius cook'd, it is heavier than the .surroundir.g air of tte room and falls toward thu fl ir dirwctly upon tho head and shoulders of. the person si tlint m-ar the window. ïliis downward curivut of chilled air is o nlignt that a person wül not p.rceive auy ohango in ihe tem perut ure, yct so great thjit a small paprr, or sheet metal " wind-mill? ■ u!)riiide'l,u[on tilt' point of a needie wiil )u lotniid very rnpiiily in one direclion wh .'ii placed oour a wiudow in :i waf i'ikiiii, and in the nppofttfc dilüc.ti u wheii removeii áoine distante fiom thu window. Thure are a variety of wajs t.) contract a " cold," but this ne is here explainud on"ácoountf the inystery which is sDinetiinos attacho'l to


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