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Sidney Sinith, in hls work on Mora Philosophy, speuks in this wiso of wha msn lose ftir want t a liule " bruss,' as il is terined : " A great deal of talent is lost to the woild for want of a little cour age Every fiiy sends to their graves a numbor oí' obscuro ;nen, who have oiily reintiined in obscurity because their timidilv h'is prevented thenï frorn making a ftr&t effórt, and who, it thev hal only been induced to begin, would in II probabiiiiy b.ive gone great k'i g h's i:i the ciirecir ot fame. The fact is, that in doing anythiiig in the vvorld worlh doijDg, we must nut statid whiver irtg on tho iiank thinking of the csold and. lian jer, bui j unp iu and scramble throuj.'h m we cud. " [l will not do to be perpetually calculatin risks and adjasting nice chances ; it all did very well before the flond, wlien a man cotild consult hw friends upon an intended publica1ïn tor a htiiiilied and tilíy yoain, and live to seé hts succe.s for six or seven centuries aftöiwards : dut at present a man waits and doubts, and consuits bis brothcrs, and his miele, and his particular frtends, till one day he finds that he is sisty-five years of age, so that he has Lont so muuh time in Consulting h'rst cousins and particular fiiends, that he ha.-i no more time for over-squamishness :it preaenl, and the opportunity slips away. The very period of life which mea chooao to venture, if ever, is so confined, that it is no bad rule to preach up the necessity, in siich in.stanoes, of a little violeuee dono to the ieelings and efforts made in detíance ol striut and sober calculation."


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