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rpjHE KOOTS AND THE LE AVES -■- WII.L be for the Healii.g of tlie Nations. Bible. a". Xa-rsroTsrm, i THE (RKAT AND OEUiBlUTKl) PHWMCJA of th( TUKOAT,LUN(iS, HËART, UVfcR ANJJ ÏHE BLOOD Known allurerthecountry a tb CKLEBUTI! HBBB DOCTOR 1 Of 282 Superior Street, Cleveland, Ohio. Will visit the followingplac, vfz APPOINTMEÑTS FOK 1862, 1863aní 1S84. Prof. H. J. Lyon can be cuuaulted at the fnliowiDi places every niunth, yíi: letroit,Bu3elHouBe,eacUmontli,18thoálPth. Ann Arbor, Monitor House, each montb,20tb .Iackson,Hibbard He. use, each moDtli,21. Adrián, Bracktt House, each month 22dand23i. Toledo, Ohio,Collim House, each month.24th.25th and 26tk. Hill.-idale,Mich.,Hill8daleIIoue,each month,27th. ■ Goldwatej-, Mich.. Southern Michigan House, each month, 28th. Elkhart , Klkhart House, each month , 29th.. South líend.Ind., St. Jo. Ho'el, each month, 30. I.iipnr.ip. laú., Tee Uarden Ht ise, each month 3l'st. Wooater,uhio,CrandellKxchjnKe. each month 7th and8th. ' Msnsileld, Ohio, Wiler Housi each mnutli, 9th and lOth. Mt. Vernon, Kenon Ilouse, tsaeh month, llth and ïath. Neivark, Ohio, Holton House, eaeh month. 13th and 14th, l'aineaville.Ohio, Cowles House, each month, 4th ' ULfcVELANÜ, OHIO. RESIDENOK AND OFFICE, 282 SUPERIOR STREET, Kast of the public square, opponite the Pontoffice. Olllceclaseacli moDth, lt,3d,4tb,5tb, 6th, I5th.- Oilice hours t'rom 9 A. M. to 12 M, aiwl f rom 2 P. M. to 4 I'. M. UuSunduy f rom 9 to 10 A. ii.vaiu. 1 to 2 P. M. 4QrMaximtr!ctly aühered to-I such balm as haye no dtrif, With nature or th lavs of Üfe, Witb blood tnj liands I never stain, Norpoisun men toease theirpaio. líe is a ph'sician indeed, wko Curen, The ludían Her Doctor, K. .1. LYONS, cures the folowing compiaiotaiu the most obstmate stages uf their existeüceyiz: DisöJiscs f theThroat, Lungs, Heart, T.iver, Stomach, DrupsuKn the Cheat, Rheumatism, Neuralgia, Fits, or Fallin(íSicknes8,andallother uervouíidetangements. Vfifo alldiseaseof the blood, such na Scrofula, Erysipelaa, Cancera, Fever Sores, Leprosy, and all othercom)lícated chroníccomplaints. All forma of female difflculties attended tb w'ith the ïappiest resulta. H is lioped that no one will ilepair of a cure untiï ■ hey have iveo the Indiao Herb ííoctor'd Medicines alraud faitbfnl trial. öQUUuring the Doctor' travU in Kurupe, West IndieS, South America, and the Joifea Staten, he lias been the instrument in God' land. to rentere lo health and vigor thousands who were given up anl pronounced incurable by the minentold school physicians; nay, more, thouaands vho were rn the verge of tlie grave, are now living nut.umfnts to the lndisn Ilerb's Doctor's skill and uccessful treai ment, and are daily exclaimiog: 'B'esed befrnedaiy wlieu first we saw and partook of the ndian Herb Doctor 's medicine." Hatisfactory rofereuceBotnares will be gladly and heerfully given w henevfir roquired, TheDoclor pledges his word and honor, that he wil! n no wise,lirectly or indirectly, induce or cause anj nvalid to take hie medicine without the stronge.M probbility o'f a cure. ti@r Modeof cncamination, whicb is enllrrlydifferent rom thefaculty. Dr. Iyn professen to dineern dieajies hy the oye. He therefore asks noquestions, nor ocshe roquire patientsto explain ymptoms. Callone nd nll, ind have thesymptome and location of your seaspoxplainedfree of charge. a-fThe poor ahall be tibe ra 11 j consïdered. S'-PostofBceaddreRSjbox 2f!3. R. J. LYONS, M. I. Cleveland , Ohior Nov. 25. 1862 lySgO O. BIiISS WouM tafce this method of :nforining his oíd friendn aml pfttroBü and all others who may favor him witb their patronage, that he has greatly enlarged his Stock and Assortment ! and having adopted the CASH SYSTEM BOTH IN BUYING &SELUNG ík prepand to sell Goods at IflQAaoilCi" Ijle ïrioes, Flis stock consistí; iü par oí the following: r% AMERICAN AND OTBER rdE. "Watches ! fe' ] The Celebrated SETHTHOMAS ULOCKS! Fine Jewelry Setts G0LD -CIIAINS, TABLE AND POCKET OÜTLËRY 1 PazorSilieara, Scissorsaud Rrnshes, ROUERS PL.ATEI) WARK, the bestin market, Gold Pens, Steel Pens, Fencils, PAl'ER and ENVELOPES, Musical Instruments, Strings f Rooks for Instruments, SFBCT AOJjES, of Quid Silvcr,,anH Platea, teith PERISCOPIO GLASS, a superior article. Persons having diüicult watches to fit with glasaea can be accoraodated, aB my stock is largeaad complete. P. S. Particular attention to the nEFAiniNG i all Itinds of fine Watches, such as Making and Setting new Jewels, Piniont, Stafft, and Cyíináeri. Alio CLOCKS, Se JE"WÉLE"5r ufatly repaired and 'war-anted, at his oíd standoftdt íideoT Main Street. C. BLISS. Ann rbor,Nov.2S,186í. 8S6tí GREAÏ.GKEATEB, GREATEST B&ItGrAJNS EVER OFFERED 1859. JLq1859In thi s City, are uow beinL offeredat the CHEAP.CLOCK.WATCH, ie j o -oe O 1 3t?y S t o i O- THE Subscribo r wouldgay to thfleitizensof Ann Arbor i" particular, and the ret of Wmhtenaw Ountï insonora], that hehasjust 1MP0UTED DlRECTLY from EUKOPE.a Tremendous Stock of Watches! All of wbichhe binda himselfto aell CHËAPERthan can bc bouht west of New York City. [ taaro aleo tne CELE3RATED AMER'CAN WAÏCHTF, wblch I wlll sell ttr 835. Erery Vvstch warrantcd to Derform well.orthe inonoy relunded. Clocks, Jewelry, Piated Ware, Fnc Goodi, Gold Pon, Niujicallnstruments and rftriogi, Cutlery, lic, nd 'nfttct avarietj of ever y th ing uually keptayJewelftrs can be boughtf'orthe next ninety dayfl at your 0 W N I'EICES! Vraons buying anythlng ut thls welf known ettab istime ut can rely upon gtitting good exact'y as repcseited,nrtheinonny refunded. C)lerly and aeuri' the bt bargaini ever otïeredln thir City. One word in regard to Bepairing : Ve are preparftd tq mak e nny ropnirs online or com non Watchns, even tn mak i ny o or the entlre wntch, F ïceseftry. Repair) ni; of Clocke and Jewolry a ual. Alsnthe tnanufacturintr of RINOS, BROOCHS, r auytiüng (ií;aired, from California (iold onehortnoice. Kneravine in ïliksbrancheBexeented witbneat ncdflftnddiapatch. J C. WATTS. iissoiuii(Hi Piotïce, miIEFIRM OF CHAPÍN, W(íOD & CO., was dlasoWed X.Tanunrjr Iti,18ii3, by mutual consent. C. A. Chapín a tul A. ÍL W(tod will settle the accounts of thftrní. C. A. CBípiS. A. B. Woon, V. CfiAi-if , E. Wkllh. Ann Arbor, June 24, 1RÖ3. Coparinersliip. TTE UVOICRSIUNEn entere luto irtnornhip Jan. 10,183, by the (irrn mime of Chapín k Co.,and wit! oontinue tlie l):isin;sn of muuiifacturiiig printiQg anJ wraplng -piper. C. A. CHA11S. N:Tím?, - ApVi 'rDfC4,lfi3 SlOtr. (


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