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Jonathan Walker

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weiind m the papers a letter, irom Mr. Walker, dated Pensacola Jail, 4th m, 1, 1845. The following extract wil) be read with interest. :1 was duly infonned after my trial in November last, that "by paying a fine and cost amounting to between $400 and $500." my "liberty could be obtained." My friends made arrangements, ns they supposed to effect il; but for some reason unknown to me, it was not attended to in time, and before they could make other arrangements, the case was revived ngain, and I was arresled for another trial at the next term of Court, commencing the first Monday in May. My situation is very prejudicial to my health. 1 cannot say that 1 am sick, and yet I am not well. The want of exercise is a great privation, and serves inaterially io impair both the physical and mental faculties. Having ahvays been in the habit of laborious exereise, the entire deprivation of it is more sensibly feit. I would much rather be incarcerated in aStatePrison,apenitentiary, wl)ere I could be allowed to labor. Out of twc hundredand (rftjfcsfx dayssolitary confiuement in this place,I have been one hundred and seventy-three days in heavy irons. I have also suflered somewhat f rom the cold and other causes. Although cut ofl from intercouse with my fellow-beings, and cummunion with friends, yet, 1 trust not with my heavenly Master, whose past favors I have abundanlly experienced through the conflict oflifelhus far. And I now rejoice in having the privilege to saj that I feel a strong abiding hope in the mercy and acaceptance of our God and Father, thro' Jesus Christ his Son; to whom only l look with conh'dence for subslantial good."


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