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tWe renard it (slavery) as the most safe and e!able basis Por free inslitutions n the world. Ii ís impossible uith u, tiat llic con flict can takc place bet ween lalior and capita], which mokes it en difficult tu eslnbüsh and mnintain free inslitutions in all weoUiiy and higlily civilized notions, where snch inslitiilions do not exist. Every planfation it n lilUr comrnuníty, tcith the nutster at its hend. icho concéntrales n himselj the vnitcd Ínter esls of capital and labor, of ichich he i a the common rrprescntatve."-Jthn C. Culljoun's Speech in Señale, Jnn. 10, I4o. Mr. Calhoun has been rcpeatedly urged to come to the Nortb, and vist its hard-handed democracy. Wby does be come, and moke thcm acqtiainted wilh Ibis excellent mode of preventing "conflicto" bet ween the ivorkingrmen and employers? Who knuws but they would ndopl il fort h wit h?QCf A nationnl Reform Con vent ion has been held in New York recently. The object is to consult upon the evils of the present organization of society, and to effect such a change in public sentiment that the whole social arrangement shall be remodelled pon principies that shall more effectually reward labor and encourage production. A general Congress of the working classes of the United States is contemplated, after the model of the first Continental Congress, previous to the Revolution. But movemenis of this kind usually have but feeble direct rcsults unless an important and tangible object can be pres ented to view, to be attained 'jy means which are adequate, sure, nnd perceptible to all.


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