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The True King

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Whero a persan tbat is poor, that ia out of health, that is surrounded by many discouraenients, and that ia muda to suffer iu various ways, lifts hui9elf bove his misfortuncï1, and clmers Lis coiupauion and cbildreu, and Sghts waut on tilia sido and on that, and bears humiliitiou, putticg it under his feet, without losiug faith iu God, and saying to all the world, " I can be poor, and yet be a mau" - oh, crown hiiii I You pasa him by; but you do not kuow what you are passing by. Kiugs sometimos walk incognito, and Uien tley do not wear crnwus. There are kings in your streets. There are men walking about in your mulat that wear orowns in lh,eir Lenits, which, if tbey wcre to put theui on tbeir heads, would shine so bright that you ould think thut twilight had düwned. Thore ai e tliousands who understand iiud obey the injuuotion of the Apostle, when he saya, " Quityou Jike men, bcstroug." I teil you ihey are héroes j dad angels kuow it. it you do not. And angels know what to writü down. Whun you liid the foundation of that big hoase, they forgot to record that in huaven. Aud whftö the wulls went up, aud tho heaulit'ul apurtments weie finished, and tliu whole magnifioeut structure wsis oomploted, of tke urchitecturo uf which you were so, proud, as sure as you live they fargot to put that down. And hen you unrolled your rieh carput, and hung youT fine plotures, thoy forgot to niake a nnto of that. But wheu that man went down out of hia aplaudid mansión uto a f'iurth olasa house, iu aa obourj street, shodding, it may be, soiue teara, as a tribute of nature, and gathered bis littla Hoek uu the n'i'st evuuing arouud the firo, and made the room bright ith love, and íaith, and prayer, ynu may be certain that they put that down. They remetnber that. And wheu that man weut on fro.m day to dav, and froni wuek to week, there ws. coi o.ue noble heart-beat, there was not otie geuei'oua purpoac of fidulity, there waa not ono thing that made him a man in his trouble tliat God did uot see, that angels did not behold, and that by-aud-by will not Uo suug in


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