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a narrativo of the sufferiugs of tho Federal prisoners ia the hands of tho rebels, wbich must excite the deep sympathy of all. And now that the election is over, and the effort cannot be perverted to the manufacture of partisan capital, men of a'l partios (.íight to demand of the Administration .the adoption of measures for systematic and prompt exchanges, measures whieh wilt not be interrupted by "every wind that blows.''1 The President and his advisers are direotly respor.sible for the delays, and ought to be so rebuked that no such will occur in the future, eren if tho "cverlastiug colored person" does get in tho fence. jgT The Advrrtiser and Tribune scouU the idea that Judge Davis, of IIü'cois, ia to be made Cliief Justice of the Suprema Court. It says "the po sition denuu;ds á man of first elag abil'' ty and learning, and a national reputation, and the people expect suoli a lijan to be flppointed." Tho peopb have expectbd raaiiy things of Mr. Lincoln, nd have been disappointed, and should he Seleot r. mati of " first olass abiüty" to saeeeed Judge Ta.ney, it vrill be ao aucident that hjs not frequeutly happoned to him; and if vyith the '' first class ability" fitness for tha position is oonibiDed, "lbo people" may consider that there has bcou a diroct inttrpoiition of Providonce. JL3T The Lansing Repullican has oponed the Senatorial campaign, and deo'iares for the re-election of Hon. J. Al. Howard. lts artiöie ís copied jritfi fa vor by so raatiy af the República journals that wc e to incline the opinión that Howard has the inside track, and that "Our Blair" stauds a very slim chance of getting a seat in the Senate. He wil] have to give t np, and go in for a Cabinet appointment, a Foreign mission, or the vacant Supremo Court Chief-Justiceship. If "Col. Vio" could be sparod iwhilo from his regiment ho might put bim safely throuffh. JJ2T During the laet vveok there hare been a nutnber of incendiary firos in New Y ork. Six of the principal hotels and Barnuru's Museum were fired iu ono night. A number of arrests have been made, and Gen. Dix and the local Polic are aotively engaged in ferreting out th ineen diaries. Gen. Dix has ordered th registration of all Southcrners stipping in New York, ,and has proclaitned tha any Soatherner detected as an inoendiary wil! be treated as a spy, tried by cour martial, and if convicted hung. ÍW The Stute CíinTwsers bavecom pleted the canvas of rotes for E!ec tors. The ra.sult is : Lincoln. - Home vo!e, 75 950 " Soldiere' vote, 9,402-85,352 McClellan,- Home vote, 64.411 " Sold'rg " 2,959-07,370 17,982 17 coun!ies had not rrnda their return, which will reduce" the Bepubüeqo mc.jiirity og the homo Voto about 1,200. L3?" T'ie P' '!Z0 steamer Florida has oollidod (acoideotfil'j,of course) with an army transpoi't ntenmcr aad sunk in nino fathoms of water. So she oan't be returuedj an apo'ogy will settle tbe matter with Brazil, and the rebel navy be "short" ono, E"jC The rebels do not give ns any dofinite intelligence from Shkrman, and tfieir latest rumors are very contradiotory. They will ba iound in another column.


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