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How James K. Polk Was Nominated

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Id ts notice of the death of Col. Medary, the Crisis sayH ; " ín 1814 he was chuirman of the Ohio delegation in the Ballimoro Conyon'.ion. Anticipating the difficultius f tbat boisterou8 Convention, Gen. Juckson role two lettere - one to the Sovernor of New Hampuhire, who was chairiuan of hin otate deiégation, and one to Col. Medary, ti nbout these words : ' As tha Just effort of harmnny, present tho ríame f James K. Polk, the yoiing hickory of Tennessee, to the convuntion,' 'The letteí fron tho oíd he o was all that wis requisife. With this letter in his poieession, unknown to any one in the conventioD, and without the knowledge tbat another letter o(f similar iiuport had been written to aiiother member of the conventi'n; C1. Medary sóori Uiade the arrangemenls whisb resnlted in the nomination of James K. Polk, and eavcd the democratie party lro;n defeat,"


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