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Late rebol papers give information regardiug Sherumn's movenients. Tbey show the separate moves of the respecttive columns nnder Howard and Sloeum. Botli, it is admitted by rebel papers, , are well across the Oconec river. The , report that Milledgcville bas been occu! pied is confirined, and also the de3trucj tion of the foundries at Griswold. The panic created both in Georgia and Soutb Carolina by the uiarch of the irresistible couqueror is soinething which has had no parallel during the war. A levy en masse of the Georgia and South Carolina militia lias been ordered, and desperate oflorts are being made to conce: trato at Augusta an anny sufficient to preseut some opposition to Rherman. Tli e Augusta Comtitutionalist, of the 23d, says : " A raidiu party of the enetny aro on the road 10 miles east of Macon, and have dostroyed some lumber trains, and the freight trains were türned back in baste. Heavy cannonading and ruuikttry were hjard off east of' Öordon. It is supposed Gen. Wayne had been attacked aud Milledgeville had been evacuated by our forces before the enemy eutered. Everythiug of value was brougbt away." The Augusta Dispatch, of the 21st, say3: " The movement of Sherman on Milledgeville was a feiht for the purpose of coiiecntrating our forces there, and the raid on the Central Railroad was for the purpose of keeping them there, whilst the whole force of the eneuiv moves on and captures Augusta or Savannah." " The Augusta Constitutionali&t gives the progress of a column under Sloeum. Abont 1,000 cavaly visited A'adison on the Georgia State road, and burnt itou the lüth'. On the 20íb arr origine sent up the road found the enemy at Buck.shoud, 11 miles iK-arer Augusta." On tha 19ïh s me of our men were 75 miles from Augusta, probubly a HJg party. The Augusfa Chronicle of the 20th saya that a iarge cavalry force had left fcireenville, S. (J., and was bound across the country in tlie direetion of Atfonta, with a view to cufc off a Yankee column moving dovvu tba Georgia road in tWs direction. " It is said tliat Brecltinridge was to leavo upper Jíast Termessee with bis troops on the '1W for the Georgia line. With Hood iu tho rear, Breckinridgo on the flanks, and 30,000 veterans ou bis front, Sherman eau't escape." The Augus'a Constiiutionalist says : "As we write, the glad and familiar shout of veteran troops just arriving from the South Carolina department, comes up froiu tho streets. If S ermau's men retreat tfiis sray they will hear the whistle of bullets from trus'y guns which have often beeu poiuted at funatios on the banks of the Potoaiao and James Be foro our readers sse this, other glad shout.s will be heard iu our streets." The Mucon Confedérale oí the 20th inst., saya General Ilardee arrived thia morning. Gen. Beauregard will probably be hero to-uiorrow. Sinee the dule of the above, commnnication with the Kust tías been cut off by Sherraan, aud both Hardee nd Beauregard are left far ia the rear of Shcrman. Gov. Biown and Diok THyor and Buauregard were ri'ported at Macon on the 3d. Riclimond papers of the 25th and 26th, says they have enciuruging news from (breorgiii, but wili not print it. Stilt they assure their readers that the official adviees are as favorable as could be ex pected


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