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New York, Nov. 29. Franz Muller was to be exeeuted tbe day subsvquent to tho soiliog of the Ariel. Ha made n; confesnion ol guilt, nor yet did ho unequivocally declare his innoence, aserting that evidence givon in court did not justify his convictioif. The London Post saya arrangemouts are mpidly [irogrynsiiiff hy which the French ñig may bu witlidr:iwn from Mexico, and the eraperor Maxionïian lelt to govern his people with the uid of the native nnny and freign contingent, whiolv wiH a.nount to 10.000 or 12,000 tneh, composed of Belgians, Austrian'M and French. Tho Turkish government hns docided upon mmediatoly chspatehipg au Etivoy Extraordinary to the Oourt of Mexico. Tho Tiws' Paris letter nnys tho altack on St Albans, Vt., nnder authori ty of a warrant from Jelf. Davis, is go ng tu hftve a singular result. Tho 8ecessio[,istH abont aro iiow discussing whethur thcy nray not, under like warranr, ■ attac.k and pillago American Le gations at Paris, London and elsewhere. Egypt will raise about -$100,000,000 wcrth ofcotton ttiis jear. It will bring her lote of Örjiish gold, and will add greatïy In her Intjrna! wenlth,


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