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The Times is trying h;ird t„ ]„.. Hn the "true functions of an „ ' Pry. lt hd bit bestir" lt discoverër what „re the tr„e , '' tions oí an administratíoo partv T ludicrouilj iVuorunt of boih J' ■' autjjf lien witb ,he Jatter, and' ' J'1 presentí discover thut the dischar lts own iiinclic.n is more than it i petent to, without prescribin, the I non of ether. a lüt Ever ine the election the reader, , these governrnent orgnns have i H jreatedto essay, on other peopfe aJJ Pastors .ometimes find iheïrptaufï applTta thorn to h neighbor n " serrm,,, to 0I1e congregation on ,he 1' tica of another coneregatiün will i „ bo heurd tul the S J" canoDals, Whenevor ba coü" Iepoitic8l?odtake8#to3 iho..]og.v, hi, cüngreg.tin will Cl! tertu,Ued oí a Sunduy ra.-rning „ V',' ChrHUfinsexceptinhwsect, ,„,," mg dan)nat„.n around the land to , the afterm.-.b I,e will f)reach a erm! on the of Chri.tians ,2 comrnunions. Mr Tho late campnjfifn wa8 oonduc'( wnh utter aDd reckhB. mendaeit theabÖI:,onorg:,n,. They falsiBed 3 toryandlawheobjeo-Uof [heird0' party the purposes oiour,. Thev íal, faed the oondilíbri of affav añd , too honorable, no name to,, S[)oti, forthetntosiunder and l,e,miIch , tk the.r „le tahmfe If their bol! power could be tiihfDed by i, h Butit h for their „iterest t0 cnnlail)t.oo bear. oolbíng but honeyed wd from the Presiaent elect, down to bW last dinuer-tabie deifier at the Metrowl .tan Hotel. Mr. Line.Jn, nho U Butler to York, ,npprea8ed 'J Democranc paper8 o# Marvland and mana-ed ,n "my wav" n „„J before eleetiou, now takes no pieiuré io triumphins; óver anybody. Mr Seward, who at Aub.irn had the eff terv to impbilch the loyalty atJd the i, teihence ol mure tban three-einbtbsof ftw fellow -citizen. at Washington U sults t.uth of them with thu„. nmptioB tht the conteí-t was in II raíiíds whut K was m bis own-a m,. scramble feir the front seats ; und n 'perhaps we (frd do ir, jus. we, and were too .evere," One Lincoln organ, the Htmldprisposes ao eru of god feeling in the inlerestá ..f Me „barks of boül.on, sni the jMckdaws of sbrxidy ; another Lioeoo org:ln, the 7W invites the Draociatiu press to advoc.ito iufoible abolition by federal autiiority, bectart lavery is ded ; and the tliird Linc.4 "igin,tlie Ttmet, Uy a dowo min by whicb the Doinociatici psirlv on it nee fulöll all tbo duties of coïirtflj; tioual opposition, ad t the ainu tint entrely ptease tho admiuistiation! No, gentlemen of the adminiwratío; we "raitor.s" and eopperheads prop. to itaufl !(?. You buve got tbe machine Now run it. Prove jour on cap-iicity au engineerg, and omit jour l"t-tures on euioeerine You dseharged u of reponsibiiity by drfimug m. Oiir Fchemes for saving ín nation.ycu, witfi tbe powci and aullwri'y of the giivernment at vour back !9 inake it Bate, bootod as 1-treason;" bow g' on a.ul sao what yofi eau do illï your "loyjilty " There is hb-ohklf uothing to bü by a people er party in sustaiting an ndii)iniittrlwn whit'h we have not shared in the liberal uoing of. We fiave iïe}ptd jou withall the men and all tlie irnnej you have so mnch us a.fked [or. Finuli we üavi "usshiied'' at ao efection hich givn voa ibe control of the Icderui, und aoobt all the tute governmeiits. Thai emptied obt capncit to help jol Dou't potter now ubnut out duty. Al' tend to your rtwn W a:o at war. Briug peace. The Cuioú is lost Sav


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