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-On the 24th of November the numbrr of studehts in tho several departments, as eoinpa'red with the same jte "f last j'ear, was as follows : 1863. 1864. "fl'hnle iuiiiiber of Whole niimber, of Btudenta 763 students 845 MeJical 338 Medical 394 Law 2'4 Law 226 Literary 224 Literary 24 This certainly sjjeaks well for the UuJyerjlty and its management. jL5jL" üur neighboring cities f re aotively engagi'd in raising men for tlie 30th Michigan Infantry, now beiag raised exclulirely for liome service. Men put into tuis regiment are creditsd to the localitios wliieh furoiih thein, and will reduce jnst so much of their quotas on that next and insvitklle draft 'Ought uot Ann Arl:or to move immediately Ijthematters. It wili be larsjoly a moneyiitíiij; oppralion to fcirnish the men now. ft hat say our "City Fathers 1" fT The Fiill Term of the Public Schools of tilia city closes to-day. During the tirm the everal departments linve been uniuually full. and general good order has jimraüed. T 'e Winter terra vsilï epen on Wouday next. ' fST The Ticket ffi.-.e at the depot was br kin into on Wednesday evening, and bout $21 stolen fioti the money drawer. A ji!ckaf of é'2E5 esoappd the noticp of the lurilar. EatrtDce was pfttetsd by breaking Ilii wiadüff. Th" walls of the new hotel are cp, and if pleasant weather i 'fin order" for fair day loiifji r, tlio roof will soon be on. ty The Oct'jber number of the fondón Q:iarí?riy his; Cocliin-China and Ctmliodia, W.irkmen'i Benefit Societies, Elwdon Browi.'a Venntian State Papers, Dr. . William S:n;th'3 Dictionary of the Bible, Sanitarr State of the Army in India, Life of I.ockhart, IMiutosrapy, Law Reform, and Dr. Ntwraan's Apotogia. $3 a year ; vriih the other thres Rceitict and Bïackwood s, ?10, Address Lbo.vakd Scott & Co., 38 Walker 81. A'. r. ÏST The December nuinbar of tbc Electric Éevini has a fina fiill length portrait of ir Rodekick Müechisox, and a table ofcontents f rom tiiirteen of the leading úritíh periodicals, including : Kussia under Aleiai.dnr II., Women's FrieiuUhips, The Queen's English, The Circaiïsian Exodus, PolindDunngtha Insurrection of 18G3-4, iïadune de Sjvigne and her Friendn. The Future of Oennatiy, &c. The selections of choice l'oetry, Tables of Jliscellany, Science, Art, Ac, are full of interest. This number compleles the G3d volume, gá a year. Address W. II. Didwbll, 5 Beekman St , New York. L2L" Mensrs TicKNOB & Fiklds iSTeiisutd a. prospectus for a new illustrated Bonthly magazine for Boys and Girls, to bo called "Our Young Folkt." It ia to be edited y J. T. Trowbiudob, Gail Hamiltox, and lucí Lascom, and in the list of promised contrilmtors we notice the names of Mr. and Mrs. Aoassiz, who will furnish a series of illustrated articles on Natural History, Capt. MtrE Rïid, the great hunter, Mrs. Harkikt Bbicher Stowe, "Carleton," "Adht FiSNl" LOXGFELLOW, WllITTIKB, HoLMIS, wd others equally prominent. We predict 'katit will be a popular magazine among the Boys and Girls of the land. It will be a 64 page magazine, and each mimber will be bfiiitifully illustrated. $'2 a j"ear ; thres pies $."). The ktlántic and Our Young F'lk't, $5. Ad.lress Messrs. Tickxoh & ÏHLD8, 135 Washington St., Boston.


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