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Rescue Of A Boy From A Wreck

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Capt. llobinson, of the bark Luzon, who arrived at this port to-day f'roin Shanghai, China, (May 8,) reporta : Oet. 21st„. lat. 29.07, long. 50 54, 10 A. M., disoovered somcthitig floating on our port bow; bore down iipon it, and found it to be the huil of a vessel, waterlogged, the sea making a clean breach over it ; sent a boat to the wreek, which returned at 11 A. M., bringing with theni a boy in a very wcak state, and not able to speak ; proper restoratives were app'ied, and on the 22d the boy bogan to show symptoms of recovery. A few questious being pat to him in regard to the vëèsel, we leárued tliat she was the Freneh ship Fieme Des IJois-, of Bordeaux. It appekrs that the ill fated vessol left Martiniquc September 27th-, and on the 5th of Octobor, in a hurrieane froui west-southwest, the masts, fore-andaft house, on which were the captain, boatswain, tiventy seven passengfirs, two seamen, and the owner of the vesscl, leaving the mate and boy, who remained by tl' e huil, went overboard. The mate dicd the day provious to the boy's being picked up, having been on the wreek sixteen days without food or water. The mate had his leg broken, and died for want -of food. The account given by the boy of their sufferiiigs is luost melancholy. One of Dean Riohmond's politica] mottoeH is said to be, "Never go the trouble and expense of electing an Aesemblyman. It is cheapor to buj him after he's elected " There are upwards of tbirty generala in the United States nrmy who profest tbe Roman Cnthoüu faith, among whom are Gens Meade, KosecraDS, Sickles, Shendan and Key8, The Keursnrge sink the Alabama, and theWaclmsutt has taken the Florida. A Yankee friend suggests that. the nnvy ia now a mountain' to something. The neus is öerfaiöly ex-7-aratiug.


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