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ÖÜR CHINABAN STÍLL UVES, Aml continue to funiis]] Ilint tmrivaleU uniü'ty ui TLA lway ftrand at tlic Hfople" Store. Lovers of Srai,l T'-h will ijy n s.Muple OF OUR NEW' TEA. DkFuHKST &8TKWÍRT. i anoouniEs $ O" all kinds. Frnits. Fxtmcts, Sptaêa. Mykles, OiJ Vrfuine, &. Pui IiMjour a"nd U'ucs for Aiuilicina purposes oul'. lutFOREsT L riTEWAHT. Su&ar I Sugar ! A sm.-ill ](,l of LOW PRICED SUGAR. DkFUHB-T & TEW.1RT. fiZST FH3H.3cdfish7'Whitefish, Trout, Uaekorel, Ii-.rilü(, &(.-. ) I'bF OIMT í S-TKWARTí ▲ few barrülH, extra quftlit.v. 1 roKKST A: STEWART. {OIL AND LAMP DEPOT ! EEEOSENE OIL! The bost qualitf ONE DOLLAR Per Gallon. HO! TE! Purchasers (.f CROCKKHY. G'I.ÁSSWA-RE: LAMP8. PLATED GOODS, TA BLE CÜTLE11Y, &. For le t los. thau Xe York hulel]p pricini, b I DuI''()RE3T & SIKWABT. A Good Clothes WriDger. Soü time! Save money! Sanes clnthivgi Savet strrngth ! Sanea health! Save hiring help! Savet weak wrisUl Saces burnintj hand! Woulon clotbef can be wr:;ng out of boüiiiíf WHÍr to prevt-iit brink nT without inluiy o 1he machine. DïFOKEST STEWART. JOHN BROWN'S KNAPSACK Wa$ strapped upon his back, and wïicn opened teas found to contain a Pot of Dr. Biliinton's Fïg leetoary which was his !nnep:irahle ccunpanif.n, and thí accnonM for hisrobust and vigoroUi" consti1 ut'on, hia indifTerence lo futigue and bía hale &ad htaiiy oíd nge. It Is warranted to tiip ALL KINDS OF PILES, it not on!y trtats dirctly for the Pilefi but ia certaln cüfo 'or DjripHAia and J.ivor Complnint, Jauadics, Sit)t Rheum, j. It ia purwij vegetable and ueyei fui: í to uro. DeFUKíT &STEWAKT, Aqueta for Michigan. ít) TO Tí! E CHEAP STORE! And see the New Goods. A Íl-LENDID STOCK. OK DRESS GOODS! FURNISHINQ GOODS, CASSIMERES, Oloth, Satinets, &c, DOMESTIOS, SHOES, HÁTS i CAPS, Crockery, GEOCEFJES, &c, Ar to be noM witfcoot regard to present Ea&teru Priccs. N. H. - Th largr-it Stock of Calleo and BrownCotton in the City at lean tlmu Mauul'acture: 's jiricen. The híghest price paifl tnTradeor cash for all kindi of Produce. MACK & SCHMID. Oysters I Oysters ! l 'HE HKSTQOAI.irY direct from ISaltimore, n any qr.antity (lesirt-rl, and warrnnU1! fresh and mee evprv limt' aml ut the lote est Jtg urës By (6vvl'83) THOMPSON & SON. Taken Up. Camp ioto the fplosurf nf the ubscribr about the firi-t oí Srptember.nno BRIXIH E BUI.L, pottcd bebind, about a year and a Lalf cM. The owner is rquertod toprnve proporty, pavihsrges, nd toke Mld eULLatray. VFTT ZETB Euin, JJot. 1511i,lv(li. 8iS83


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