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Sugar Cured Hams

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A vvritur iu tbe icienOjic American ' sa} : " The ment :mst not bo allowed to ', freeze under aviy c'rcumstances - ■ ing destroying tha property in tho ! Í'uices, which preveuts ahy applicatiou f sngnr, molasses, or salt, fronj unuing with th-etn acd. forming. Uve chemical GOtnbui&Ron which keeps them írom íouring. gepárute the right and left ham? ; spread them on a floor, sh elf or in a box, the tbick part of eaeh ham overlapping the thick part, with their buts elevated Ihree inctiea more thon the hanks. üear in mind, through tbe whoio process, tbat tho retenüoa of the j'iices by phicing the hams in a proper politlón, and freo from any kiud of presume is eHséntiul, "Tocure a ham of fifieen pounds weight rc-quires one pound ol goi.-d brown suuar, two ounces refioed and ■gtound saltpetru, half a pound of gï'ound sea salt. First opplication - saltpetro, aiui cover tho f'aoo of the hum with M]o;;ir p. quarter oí nn inch thiele ; on the fifth day rub the skin fide with iiigar. Second opplioatiotl - sultpetre und a mixt ire of threo parta fugar, and one part alt ; on ;he Reventh day rub .ae befóte Third application - half augnr and hnif ualt; in Heven days rub ag bófore. Fourth applitation - samo ns last; in h ven daj's rub with half migar and suli , clean tbe ftesh sidu of the ham. ' Fitth application - very good molacserf (not. dorghltu) as lena as the meat will aborb it. Satúrate the ham with sngar as yon vvould in preserving fruit; ttie snit in only to flavor it ; for liama ÏMtended for boiling, and which reqnire iBWe salt, j'ou may ut=e sa!' according to vour judgment and-givo more time. The hum is now oued, and kr purposes of boiiing it will. be fouDd' dehcious. s " Hams should alwaye be diied without smoke, hanging them in domestic sai'ks, t-hanks down. If you prefer Bnioke, hang for two montbs, and tlien commenco smoking, observing to have your meat elevated as manj feet from youi' fii'es as practicable. Sinoke-houses hould be coii8tructi3d so that the pmoke it admitted at the top irf the building ; the mtat being uear a dry flnor, ihe enaokè settles on tho meat aller being cooled. How pmoke should never touch meat. Smoku verv slowiy, using green hickory, smothered with greca iiwdust from white or burr oak timber, it' yon can get it. I have never used anything els?, and therefore eannot speak of the moiitg f oorn cobs or sassafras ; bttt as a rule use timber that aiiipkes red, not bliek ; during the last 5&hours smoking, throw red peppers on-slio fire, it keeps off the ' skicner bugJ' Y ou inay want to know what ar the advantages gainsd by curing h.m by .Üiirf expensive process. VVell, tb-y aw ftaight and superior quality; dB -ia tlieii' kepjng I never had a chauce to s.í;eptiin it-Haamn cured in th: wuy beiug "uobbled tap" immediately when plácá in [iiarkeU-t'utiir keej'ing quaüties daji't get a (inwice to be tested. Comparad with a 6w,est pickled ham ■fhare ií fust the siuaie wuperioriiy in s quality as there is betw.een the sweet -pickled and aalt. Try a few. ■ " One vond more aboui ithe special dvantage of ourjng vith u.gar; fat cured with salt i J'epuj&ive to weak etotnachs, conequently a 1 rga .portion is tiiinmed ofi' hams intendtsd 'ior the American rnarketj t-hat in Ejigland is . ftlways retained fin" two reanons - economy and, preserving tlie juices. Stomachs that rjèct -fat when sa:ked, find" it palatiiblt) and delicious 'ihen fiotöd with fugar."


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