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"what Is My Thought Like?"

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Thero ia u game freqiiently used by the yoiiBg maai-bers of society as u fiieang of mental imusenient, callei), il Whut i my thougèt like?" ín th-e 4MVé of tilia pliiy, many excellent' punrt aro brnught foith. Thfc leailer of the party thinks of oomething - ti nonti - aud keeping kis notion to himselt, in quires of hi right lumd neighbor, ' What is niy tbonght like?" Thu peion askrd muxt ituaiudiately recp'nd aloudj nauiipg uiytbing tluit he pleasi's; the queslion goes routid Ihe compuny till everybody ha. 8ta!ed sotnething in auswer. Tho leader then tulla his thoüght and requires each ptrson to find a Qompmi.son twtvveen tho suiectcd ol'jtfct, and ibe subject of the anwwer jrt;viou-ly jiiven. For instance, 1 ak 0 persiiu wbiit my tk mght if like, aud tui anewerod by eeveral individuáis - PD auction riomii dead body - a dauciog iiiaster - u bed, and n hen fowl. Kow here is a plea.-ing varitty of -■iniil itudeg to be embcxlitid ia oor word, and that is thip, which 1 declara to be the object thoughl of, aud reqnifö the first speaker to give a reasan why a ship i.s like an auction room. The answer i.t obvioua, sales requisita to both of them, bodies require shrovds, en do ghips. The next tnusl bu a liltle farther fetuhed. A slup is like a (jUinoing miistcr bacause il gives balls. ISheels are the connecting points betwueu fli:ps and beds. Why t a sliip lik a lien-fowl? Tliis i rather puz ÏÜDg, I confess ; but we must stretch a point, and say that although ahip canikH lay une egg, slio axa lay to, and Bbiiuods in hatch ways.


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