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CLOTHINQ A.T M '% i. GUITERMAN á CO'S ! I Q , Having jnst returned fronj Ea6t with a large etock SPRING AND SUMMERGOODS! e invite ?.ll our oíd frrenrfd and eustoiuera tff come ntï examine eur stock of DLOTBS CASS1MERES & VESTINGS. )ispute tbc tact if you can, t takes tlie TAILOil atter all to give appeaiauce to the onter nian. If you wlsh to appear well You must accordiiigly Orcsi WeU. Go to M. Guiterman & Co's., 'hero you will find tbinga exactly SO. SONDHEIMüw&ya ready to take your me.asure, ÖÜITERMAN will sell you Goods with great pleasnre, At figures LOWER than you will find in ihe Siate, 'ake heed - call karly, else you are too LATE. 'he 1NDUCEMBNT8 are uow greater than ever, )ur Clerks you will find obliging and clever. We will show you good CLOTHING of OUT OWn UETTING UP, rilling our Store from Bottom to top. STUDENTS especially will find t to THEIR ADVANTAGK, For it takes but L1ÏTLE MONEY to repletiinh. COATS of Cloth and Caseimere of our OWn IMPOKTATION, '"orw arded through our New York relations. 'rom England, Belgium, Germany and France, 3uch ayou can stand up in, or wear, at the dance. Pants ! Pants ! ! Pants ! ! ! Fancy CASSIMERES and DOESKIN of every grade, We sell them fro'm ONE DOLLAR np tO KIÖUT. rESTS, &C, of every description, You will tind it so without fictiotï, FurDidhing apparbls From SHIRTS to UMBRELLAS. This ia all wc sav now, Tharefore we make our bow Tours truly, ever so, M. GTJ'ITERMAN. 4 Co., F. B ACH has a, new and coiuplete STOCK OF SPRING GOODS bought before the recent GREAT BISE IN GOLD ? Which will be Sold FOR CASH ONLT, LOWEST MARKET PRICES ! Cali and eí -" Ann Arbor, April, 1864. Fcr Rats, Mice, Roaches, Anís, Ved 'Bugs, Mot h$ in Fw$t WooJen, Spc.f In êfcfs on Pïanfs, Fows, Animáis, Sfc, Put np in 25c. 50c. and $1.00 Boxes, Bottles. and Klaskö, $3 aud $5 sizea for Hotklb, 1'lbhc InstituTIÜN8, &C. "Onlj infalhble remedies known." "Freefrnm Poiftons." "Not 'lanjïerouR t the Human Family." "Kjits coroe out of their holes to die " J-SoM Whn lef ale in al] large cities. ttft Sold by all Dftijrgists aml Iietailem everjwhere. !!! ÜKWAiiR Ml of all worthless imita tinns. 0=. See tliat ''Cosiak'p" nam is on tach Box, Bottle, and Flask. before you buy. A''dM HEKRT .COSTAR. tg&. PKivriPAi. Ikpt 42 Bhoaptvav, Tkw York. 46 SfU by all' Wholesale and Ketail Drugists in Aun Arbor, Michigan . 6ra9í4. ïöwXhd associatiow, I'lni.ADEI.PHIA, PA. Dlrs of Ihe lVervou. Semltinl.Urlnnry bikI SfXiml !!yst;iiia - new jtml rAÜHble treatnn-nt- in ;reportp of tlie HuWAKD AS.-OCIATION- Hent by mait In spnlpd let tor enclopcs, f ree of cliartreAddrfs's Dr. J. SKII.I.IN HOÖGHTOV, Honri Aociatinn.Nu 2 douth Nintli Stieet, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, ly63 Urownell & Perrin, GEN'L COMMISSIOIV SERGHANTS, 183 South Water Street , CHICAGO, ILLINOIS. Dealers in Grain, Flonr, Provisions, Peeds, Green and Dried Fruits, Cider, cêc. References: Preston, Wlltard Keen, Chicago. 8. Botsford k .Co., Ana Arbor, Mich. t, Particularjiïtention given to the sale ofGrten knd Dried Fruit, Cider, kr.. Ortierp for the purchaso of CJover and Tiimthy Seed, Cat Me.ata.fcc, promptly attniled to if leien. pani4 wïth rnmh ov atinfftrtont rfïtw 03i tf


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