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School Moneys For 1845

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Uic Jollowingis iho apportionment juut made lor the present year of school moneys amongst 'lic acvcrnl counties of the Smte. The tota!' number oí scholjrs propcrly returned, and e.,tifled 10 school rnoneya, we undemand, wa 78.95; dnd'iho apponioninent bcins at the rate ol 28 cia. per scholar amounted to $5ftkL3, divlded amongst the evernl counties, as follOWfl!Free Pres. ft? The proceedings of the Detroit Liberty Association, and resolutions on the death oí Dr. Porter are too late for this issue. They will appear m the next Signal. ffT The Repeal Aseociation of Baltitnore have formally dissolved their society, ftnd transfcrred the funds on ham' 10 the Hibemia society. The reason asáigned is their dissatisfnction at the late speech of O'Coonell, a noticeof which will be found on our first page. D" Notwithstanding the share that England has taken in the continental ware, and the amouut of blood and treasure sho has pourcd out in every part of the earth, yet for one huntfrécf yenrs past there luis heen no blood ahed on the Engüsh soi?. The last military contcst resulttd in the defeat of the Pietender in 1745. (L7 In his annual Message to the Legslature, the Governor of Connecticut recómmended more stiingcnt laws against licentiousness - another evidenco of the grent change of public sentiment on this subject. OCf John J. Adum lina been nppoinled Auditor Seneral ot' Michigan in place of Charles U. Hammond resigned, and Geore Redfield, of Cass County, takes the place of Mr. Ariam as State Treasurer.The U.iMuer, a Univer8alist paper, Bayjf: "Br. N. C. F.'elcher, of Eaet Thnmnston, Me., hos been appointed chapín in in the Navy. This, we bel.eve, is the tiret Universalist clercyman who has received such au appuintmeni. ít will afturd him a handsomo support so long as he lives$6oaper yenr whilst at home, and 1-200 per year when on duty.' Here s a gooti thing frum the Madisonion: "Wo oiirterfifant; from the Capffol, ihat seáis for expocted nif mliois of Congres from Florida and lowa are being made. Ve think tho.e frÖm Texas, also, mitrht have Beats made for thpm, and that the stuff [(ir two chairs for ihe iejresentative8 of Cahfornra might be got out and chartjed to Ure account of conslructive niileage." Jepipcrs. - In Asia, rliere is one newspa perforivery fonrteen million inhabitant.; in the Unit(d Slates, onefur every ten thousand. {L Finr Aniislavery Conventions are annonncod to be Uiïu in Oho previous to the e'ection in October. llow many sha 11 ive have in Mrchicrnn?Ü The narrairve of tha Kxploring Expedi lion s now being publishcd. Ii will embrac? '24 volumes, of which nine will be filled with folio pintes. The expense is estimatod at $89,::tj. fX0 A porfion oí our coüection of news items was crowded oat fost weeft bv editorial Hintters, nlthough in type. Henee iheir late appearance this week. O" Hale & Co. report thai 91,000 letters pnss ed tliraugh their Post Office in the month ol April. CC?" The Steamboat Swallovv has been raised, but no bodies were found in her cabins. (t A House of Refuge for Juvenile offenders has been established ín New Orleans.Am Arbor, May 30, 1845. The incoming of Woo] hos given quite n lively appearauce to business in our village for the past week. Buyers are numerous, and rather spiriied and prices are well Bustained. We quote from Zo to 32 cents: but some i-xlra lots have been sold as high as öb cents. In the Wlieat business but litlle is doing. The price remains stationory at 72 cents, while Flour is held at retail at $4,00. Money n)attcrs put the financiering powers of our business men to a severe test. So great a scarcity has not beeu known since the shinpluster limes of 1810. Wc notice thut the failure of the Bank of St. Clair has affected materiaJlv the credit of all the Michigan Banks in Chicago and Cin cinnati, and throug-h iho Western country, producing a general distrust, on account ol which holders ofbillsat a dista rice ore disposed to part wilh thcm íor a smuli discount. They are bought up by brokers and oihers and sent into the Banks, and the epecie drawn out. By this silent but unceasing run upon them, our banks are not only precluded from accommodating business men, but their own permoneney is put to a rigid test. The Chicago News Btates t!at the bilis of the Farmers and Mechantes Bank were fe'ling in that city in email quantities at a discount of 15 to 10 per cent, or wcro traded off for goods. The wealher has been cooï for sonie time, and tliere was a hard frott, or rrnher freeze, last night .


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