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State Liberty Convention

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I here will be a Sm-e C nvpntiun of the Libcriy porty held at the Cotirt Uuuscin MarBlwll on the Oih day of nex, to nomi.nato nmable candidatos for Governor ahrt Lieut. Oovernor to be supported by the friends of kiberty nt the State clection in Nov. next Each c unty will oppomt twice the number of dcleorates to which it is entitled to RepresentatiTes to the State L?gislaiure. A fuil dolrontion is exeeedingly desirabie. Kis hoped tlmt the Liberty trinl in each connly will forthwiih sce well to t that a full delegation of svdi, aml such only shall be appointed as will pfedge themselves to altend in person, or by their altérnales. S. B. TRBADWELL. N. M. THOMAS, L. WILCOX, i. M. niMOND, J. I. BALDW1N, State Cen. Coro, of I.ib. Poity. P. S. GerritSmith, Esq. and other distiiiguished spenkeis liave been written to, to altend Ihis State Convemfon, and it is earnestly hoped they will be piesent on the occasion. Jockson, Mny 17, 1845.


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