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In New Orleans, November 26, 1864...

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In New Orleans, November 26, 1864, Capt. E. D. Phillips, U. S. A., a graduate of West wint Military Academy, July 1. 1852. Captain Edwin D. Phillips, lst ü, S. Infanby, was appointrd to t!i -Military Academy West Point frotn the State of Michigan in '847. Remaining thi're five years lie gradúaSM and joined his regiment in Texas as a irevet fiecoud Lieutenara. Sooo after the toeaking out of the war Captain Phillips ro'urned to the North witb a number ol'his combes, wlio liad been surrendered to the rebels through the treaehery vf Gen. Twiggs. - "hile serving in Texas, Captain Phillips was W ene time Act'g Asst. Adjt. General to Col. KobertE. Lee (thepireséát Confedérate Gentra0. who was Uien comraandiüg the MiliLaiy I'epartmeot off Teras. Duijng the robellioa Captain Phillips has been actiTp4_v er.gaged Jjifli lus regiment in tlie Beid, and gfèatiy disf'mguished hiniself at the l)attle of Corintii and 'uring the singeof Vickrburg, by hie gallantry 'B1 coolnes. He was a thorough soldier and 'P'rtect gentleman, belcved by both rfficers ail'l men, l'o the youug officers of hrs regiptnt his lofs is iiTeparable. Ever ready to Uairuct and adviso, ho won their love and leem, and it Vvill be long ere the blank that 5 'leatli lm created will 1 again ülled.- 'vie Orieans Paper. A ii iíate letter inforaas us that the coniradoi of Ciipt. Phillips had hií body sbalmed, vfitli a view of sending it to West Point, for intérraent ín the U. S. Cemetary.and that ltay wóuld be glud to communicate with tho ''ter of Capt P., who rerides in the comity, &4gOBLU uer wwbes asto the fiual dispo, sition of íhe reiúaias. She may address AdMant KiKsiE Jates, JiVw Orieans.