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Mutations Of Fortune

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(JisT, an okl gonüemin 01" Cincinnati, publishcd in bis Advcrtisor tho fullowing very curious fncts: !-lt is useful as well us interesting to note the chruiges for bei'te r or worse,which ten ''■ fifucn vcars serve to opérate in ihé conimunity I knuw a business min on Main street who was refused credit in 1830, for a stove worih twelve dollars. He is npw a director in one of the b.inks, and worth $$50fOOO at least. Every cont of tbia hos I)rm (naje in Cincinnati during that period . 1 lí'riow átiotfiér business mn.n also on Main streef who v.-a.s rëfusfed credit in 132ö, l,y a iirm in t!s deug line, for l!ic niuountof iïvo iloilars. In 1830 tnat very tiiu) leut tiiat vory nian fivc tliousand dollars upon liis unendorsed note. I know fin e.vtensive dealñr in the city, now worth ■$ 100.000 and commands more money-on a short nntice, fursixty, ninety, nrone hundred and tsven'v days, ihan almost tiny irtah in Cincin natï, to whom I, as blèrk fe r a groccry house ín 1530 soja n liogsheadof sugrnr, with great misgivings and reluctance, under sonioappreliension of not getting the money when it became du e. I know a man wliose dredit was such J in 1830 tliat when 1 trusted him íbr a kpg of saltpetre, my 'einployor told me I miglit as well have rolled it into the Ohio.- Sinco that period he was worth fifty thousand then á bañkrüptj worth ín 1837 one thousand dollars, again n bankrupt in 18-il, and now worth iwenty thousand dollars. I know a man good forthirty thousand dollars, who ten years ago exhibited n möni:ey through theslreets of Cincincrsti fpr a living. I know a heavy business man - a bank director, who sold apples when a boy througli the streeis. I know one of tho first merchants of our" city in 18'í) who could at that period have bougnt entire blocks of the city on credit, n director in one of the bnnks, who within ton ycars of time dica iiisolvent rnn! intcnipcriüo. Anolhcr individual who wasconsidercd it) 1837 worih hnlf a raillion of ü hns.di.ed. since, leavihg tho estuto insolvent. Anothcr indiviuuiil, of .credit equal to all his wanlsand worth at onotimi?, twelve thousand dollars, and JuHge of t!ie Court, died in our city hospital and Avns buricd at the puSüo expenso. I have scen him ofion pVc&din'g at public meetings. The foufrider qf the Pcnitc.;;: ■ tem in Pennsylvania, and weü kno,wn M thnt State and e;ewherc asa public íñanj dieda pauper in thé èómjnrcjal [ïöspital in this city. have sen_ him aijdn tho Lfgi.slature of thnt tnte at Harfisburgh; and listcucd to with tho atiention and deference that would havo b$en prvjd to John Quincy Adains, or any olhcr public man of this nge.1 know a lady llie descendant of a disi:nguished governor of Massachoseltsi, who supports herself by her needlo, and tbc nieco of the governor of New Jersey still living who washes for subsistance. 1 kootv a ladv who thirty years ago in llie city in whicli I tlien livod, was the ■jynosiire of nll oyes, one of the mo?t jruceful nnd benutiful of thesex; and moving in tho first circle of wcalth and faslion, ncv engaged in drudgery and dependeiio; nt onc dollar and fifty cents er wfïek. All of these reside in this útL What are the fictions of romance wriers, compared to somo of the realües oí nr.n lile?


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