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Rebel Orders

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Tie following are copies of orders iound in Breckinridge's catrip : HBADQt'AETKUS WksTKBN VlHÜIMA AM) EaííT TBNNHygBE, Wytheville, Va-, I)ec. 16. ƒ General Okdbks No. 27. - In accordance with instructions received from the Ordnance Department at Richmond. it has beeorne of vital i.Tiportanee , to husband all arms, atnmuniliou and . . The following order is publinhed: AU !ead which can be gleuned from battle fielda, or otherwiae obtained, will be ■ gathered by a brigade ordnance olKcer una sent to the nearest arseual. All firma to bo rclieved of the wad for cleaning. Ho lead may be recoverud and turned into the Ordnance Dupartmt'ut. Tlio attiMition of coininanding officers is called to thu necessity oí giving effect to this order, and its vigid enforoement is strictly etijoincd by others ]Jy order - Major Gerieral Breckinridge. J. Stoddard Johnson, Adj. A tirt:ular oi'der isaued fr.irn the .B:ino place Dec. 3, says : " The atten■ . tjuii of couimaiiding officers is oalled to the scarcity ol ío."íige in thia depuitment and to the absoluto necossity of using öuatio;iiy in con.sumption. Evidences ol .,- vusía íiave been oberved heretofore. The proper officers must all superintend ■ tito uso othirage, and eomni:ii)diiig offioti'H and overy eoinpany officer muat give hid striet .orsona! attentiün." .'.' jL3T" Thcro are uovv six privsteers .e-mtulssioiud by the rebel government. These are tho Tallahassee, Olustee, Oh'vekaijiáuga, Suwanee, Edith, aud 8henatiduah. Ail b'ut the last named run into "Wfltnirlgtoii, where thej' received tli-.iir artaatnen'8. T'ney are En-lish built and raii fiuct. ' .,, tyC ARsr Jitnuary lt, whisky will iS Uud $i a gnlW.


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