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pleten the 1 9 ui volume, and uloses tenand-a half years of our connection wiih it. In euteiing upon a new yoar', and a new volume, we eau only sav that our past record mii3t be our guarantee for tho future. It we have not m:ide thu Artous, n the years gone by, all that our friends havo desired, all that we hava denh-ed with theni, t is because, and only becauRe, our finances have not warranted a lar gei sheet, or a greater outltiy upon itts columns; that ia to say, beuauso the patronage extended to us has not been uoimuensurate to the deinund upon our purse. Il h;;s oommanded our eutire time- -exclusive of what the public has deuianded oí us in outside matter which have brought na no monoy - and the expenditure of almost our entire receipts, so that wo are to-dtiy possessod of „no appreciaoly greator snpre of thia world's goods, than when wo coiiimen'ed our work hero in 'J'o enable us to do even as we 11 in the future min the past, n more liberal patronage must be extended, üur subs:-ription list should be lari;elv incresecd, and our businüss men shouid advertise more enerally, and more libcrally, in our columns, not for our benefit alono, but to promete thoir own interests, and to spread the (ame of our littlu city abroadi Strangeis look to locsl papers for the ñames of the buFincpa men, and we fear thnt the papera of vy moagerly reflect its bisioeftè. Wil] our business men think of this, and givo us iheir response nest week? And, will not éauh ono of our subscribera send us a new name, with $2 in ad vanee, besides pre paying their own subseriptioos, as a New Year's reinembrnnc r S:iying thia ranch, we wih nll onr Kaders a IIappt Nkw Ybar, and pray that bofore 1865 thall run it course, peace rihal! ;gaia dawu upon our united country, and mrny a family eirele bo blekeed with a re-union of their now soaitered memberd


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