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"under Which Thimble"

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■If re porta ara all truo, Hou. Jacob M. Howaiíb ia playiug the role oí tho "liLtle joker " He is vory anxious t) be reilected to the Senatr, and to secure the es 't seeins ansiou8 to have. membeiv of the Legialaíuro elucted, with or without the soldiers' vota, just as it is liko ly to effsct bis chances. Thorefore hi writea to his frieods in this county - the Republican candidatea beiug all supposed to be íIowauo men - that he never doubfed tho constitutiinality of the soidiers' voting law, and does not doubt it. This lettor we !;ave seen. And now for a cbange of " thnnbles." It is Hi:d thiít u Deun c:'at iu a neighbiring county, elected by thu home votu to the House, hut defeated by the soldiors vote by a Blair inaD, has receivud a letter frotn Mr. Howaku to the effect : " claim your 8eat and we will stand by you." Our authority is pretty good on this point, but whüe we woa't swear that Mr. Howap.d has written such a letter, we will venture to say it is jusl like him.


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