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-The advices we get irora varioua sources, lead us to the conclusión that voting in the army is a " great inetitution." Wliat, with withholding ballots irom soldiers, driving Democratie Cotnmissioners out of camp, and smouging returns when regiments vrould persist in voting as tbey pleased, it has provud a powerlul ongine in overthrewing the majorities given at home. We have given a few Ilustrativo facts heretofore, and now invite the attention of our readers to another. The Republicana had an overwhelming majority in the 3d Michigan Cavalry, and it has grentty surprised Demoorats that our county ticket did not réceive a single vote, when it wus known that there were a number of Btrong Democrats iu tho regiment. Two reliable citizens of this county, assure us that they have read a letter written by a member of the 3d Cuvalry - before election a Sergeant, nnd since a private - whieh said : " We had a fine time election day ; I would'nt vote as my commanding offioer wished me to ; the nfficers of the day ordered me into tha guard house ; and 1 have been reduced to the ran7t3." Is it any wonder that the Dumocratio Oounty ticket received no votes in tho 3d Cavalry ? -a The Oakland County Canvassers ignored tho return of the soldiers' vote, and gave the certificates of election to the candidatos receiving a majority on tho home vote. Wo understand that Ottawa and one or two other couutics have done the same thing. L3C" 'Í1'10 President has reoeived over öfty iipj)lioalions - we suppose from gentlemen who have the most unbounded confidenje in thcir own qualilitatioi:s- for the vacant migsion to Franoe. Had better divide it up umong tlitin.


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