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The Two Shermans

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We are constantly in reoeipt of letters asking us to idontify the two General Shermans. The following brief summary will suffioiently remove the 'coufusion in the ïmnds of our correspondents and anewer for a reply to all : " The General Sheraian who haa oondueted the great expeditiou through Georgia, and is now before Savannah, is Williara Teoumseh öherman, a native of Ohio, He graduated at West point in 1840, class rank six. He served in Florida -n 1841, at Fort Moultrie iu 1842, in California in 1846, as CotumisBary of Subsistence in 1850, engoged in the banking business at San Francisco in 1853, and was President of the State Military Aeademy of Louisiana, iu 1860. After the oulbreak of the war he commanded in the first buttle of Buil Run. May 17th, 1861, he was appointed Brig. General of Volunteers, and ordered to the Department of the Kentueky. In 1862 he was assigned to the command of the District of Cairo. After the capitulation of Donelson he was assigned to the Fifth División, Army of tho Tennessee, Gen. Grant corntnandiug. He was made General of Volunteer May lst, 1862. Hisoperationsat Vicksburg, Memphis, Holly Springs and Jackson, are well kuown. July 4th, 186ÍÍ, he vras promoted to a BrigadierGeneralship in the regular arrny. Erom that time to this he bas been suocessfully engaged in Tennessee, Alabama and Georgia. " Port RoyaJ" Sherman, or more familiarly " Battery" Shermao, ia Thomas W. Sherman, who was born in lihode Ishuid iu 1817, and graduatod at West Point in 1836. He was brevetted Major for gallantry at Beuna Vista iu 1847, served in the Northwest iu 1857, and was appoiuted Brigadier of Voluuteers Muy 17, 1861. He commanded a división iu the first battle of Buil Run, and wsB subsequeutly selectod to command the land torces in tho Port Royal expedition. He was superseded by Gen. Huuter iu March, 1862 He was alterwards severely wounded at or about New Orleatis, and has uot been in active service si nee - Cleveland Ucrald. (3F It isKíiid that oiie estáte in Englaiul, of 40,000 acres, oontuins iron ore enough, il' tonverted iuto iron and sold at [iresent prioes, to more than pay oif lbo British national dob. TlIK lÏKBEL CONOHESS OX TUK FlOUida - On the 8th inBt. the rebel Sonate took up the subject of ihe capture of the Florida, when tba iollowing resolutions ware adopfod : lieso'vfd, 'l'hut the seizuro of the confedérate war Pteamer Florida, !ƒ tho United States sloop of-war W.uehusett, in the Bay oi Bahia, od the 7th of October last, was a flagrara ouiruge on the territorial sovereignty of Brazil, violative of the rigbts of this government in neutral waters, in disregurd of the luw of natious, and thurefore a wroug dono to every civilized inaritime power. Resolved, That it wan the duty of Brazil, under the law of nations, toproteot the property of tho Confedérate Statos whilst within its territory, against the hoetilo acts of every Power, and huving failed to give such protection, that that government ia bound to eDÍ foroo the restitution, in statu quo, of the i Bteumer Florida by tho hiiiliorities of the United States, in tho Bay oi Babin. vyhsre it was ünlawfully capture j. Resolved, That the President b requested to have corumunioated to all our commisaione-s abroad, a full statement of the Ilegal seizure and capture of the Florida, together wkh the opinions of the government on the outrago, and that said comtnissionerg bo instructed to bring the same to the attention of the govemmeüta of Europe, in which they respectively reside.


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