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- Our citizens are all on the qui vtve to hear the great Amencau rianist, L. M. Gottschalk, who gives oue of Iits grand Concerts, this evening, in Hangsterfei 's Hall. We hope to ee the Hall crowded with the beauty and fashion of the city. Thoso of oor citizens who hare not yet had the pleasure of hearing the great Pianist, had better procure ticket irainediately, as this vtill be his poaitive farewell in the United States. Having received an Imperial invitatation to visit Mexico, from the Emperor, he irill be assisted by the best talent that could b brought together, from the Italian Opera in New York. Tickets, $1 each, for sale at Wihey's New Music Store, east of Cook'a Hotl. L3ïr '-T'10 January number of the American Monthly ( oíd Knickerbockev) has a rtadable list of papers. Among them are: Efiew of Goldwiu Smitb on Slavery, by Hoa, W. D. Northend ; and Poliiical Pieachïng, by the Editor, both íf whicb are not of tlie fanatical scliool of politics to whiuh. most of the literature of the country has been given over. Tliis number begins the volume, and now is the time to subscribe. We commend the American Monthly to those of our readers who want a magazine that does not ride udler whip and spur the hobby of abolitlonism. It is edited by J. Holmes Aoa'ew, formerly ine of our eitizens, and a Professor in the Uiiivevsiiy. Slayear; two copies $7. Ad, dress J. Holmes Aghew, 37 Park Ruw, New fort L3T Our fricnd I). D. T. Moorb, of the Rural New Yorker, bas issued his proal'tctus l'or 1805, wbich our readers wül ilnd in another colunia. Tlie Rural standard is to lie kept " high advam ed," despite the times and the publishcr only asks that his thoiiB„ands of friends show a willingness to divide 1h -burilen with liim. It is always handsomeiv i i'intcd, and its several departments are il , nanned, an.l will be fllled from week to k with reli ble information upon every tliit ,)fc -taining to the labors of the agricul IjUjiqk )01 'iculturist ; and stock-grower. No Ue gjjould be deterred from subscribing be BSeoft,o 8''SV advance in price. The Rural l!Í thli ÁTSU for 54-50 EÏP Mr. A. Wilsuy has eslablislied lrimself in tlie new block on Hurón Street, as dealer in Pianos, Parlor Organs, Melodeons, other Musical Instruments, Music, &c. He will keep au assortment of the bost instruí ments, and our citizens need not longer go to Detroit to buy tlieir Pianos, etc. See his advertisement. Kp2" We have received the January i number of the Eclectic Magazine, as hand somely priuted as ever, and fllled with the choicest selections from the best foreigu perjudicáis. Fifteen of the Quarterlies and Monthlies. are laid under contribution. Among the papers are : ' ' Rlissiaü History of the Crimean War ;" " Life in Java ;" "The Private Life of Kant ;" " Modern Novelists - Cliarles Dckenn ;" " Williaui oí Nonnandy," and others equally attiítctive. The DepartwieHts of Poetry, Literary Notices, Suience Art, and Yarieties, are of special interest,The uumber is embellislied with a fine eiigrr.ving by Saktain, " Oromwell refusing t]e Crown oEngland," from the original paint-í ing by T. H. Maoüire. The Eckctíc appeaia to all who wish to know what is going on abroad. It makea thTeo fine volumes yearly. ?5 a year. W. H. Bidwell, Editor and Publisher, 5 Beekman Street, N. T. - We will receive subscriplions. -í The Atlantie Monthly comes to U3 for Januavy n a new dress, whieh niakes it look very inviting. ín facfc its typography eould hardly be bettered. ïlie table of couteuta includes sixteeu aríicles beside the Reviiws and Literary Notiees. Ainong the coutributors for the number are Bryant, Lowell, Longfellow, Holmes, Wblttior, Hawthorne, Taylor, Mrs. Stowe, and üther writers of iirominersce. Mrs Stowe begins another series of papers under tho title of' " The Cliimney Córner," and ivc can only liopo tliat they may prove as interestin as icr " Honse and Home" papers in the last volume ; and Wasson continúes the race sketches of ': Tce and the E-squimau:." It, is a very readable niimber, and prorüises well for the 15th volinie whlch it iuitiates. $4 a year íwo copies, $7. Address Messrs. Ticknor & ?ields, Boston, Mass. - From the sauie Pnblishers, we have the irst mirnber of " Our Young Folks," an 1ustrated monthly, designed for the special amusement and iuslruction of " Young Amirca." It is edited by J. T. Trowbkidoe, Gail Hamilton, and Lucy Labcom, who are ■ssisted, as the number under notice testifies. y an able corps of coutributors. It will be n favorite with the young folks, we know 'rom the reception it met in onr own family. 53 a year ; with the Atlamtic, $5.


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