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ilCHIGM CEXTBAL RMLROAD, Trains now leave the station in thia city as folio ws : west. Mail, 9 40 a', m. Day Express, 12.28 p. m. Dexter Accommodation, 5.50 " Evemng Express, 7.10 " Nigbt Express, 1.15 a. m. kast. Evening Express, 4.30 a. m. Dexter Accommodation, 6.40 " Night Express, 8.15 iL Da Express, 4.05 p. m. Mail, ' 8.10 " iHHEROKEE REMEDÍ & INJEC(y tiox. CHEROKEE REMEDY - The caption of this para graph is the name of a vegetable medicine in the forra )f a syrup which is now admitid, when used with Cmbkokbe Injkction, to bé the safet and speediestcure ior Gonorrhoea, and Fluor Albus, (Whites in t'emak'ü). [f we consMer the amount of sniïering and i'requeucy of these diswaseti, we aan not but a'lmit the Cherokee Remedy and Injection to be araong the blessings of science. They rtplace sitknews by health, and Lonthsomeness by cleanlïnps. It does not meroly arrest, but cures these ilïa radieally andthorougbly, and, being purely vegetable, i sweet, plensant syrui, iiotdiaagreable to taste or touch, H leavtíj no itoisonin the systero, the eradication of which is often more dinicult ant (i.ingerous than the treatraent of the original dimane. Sold by allDruggists. 4w986 INFORMATION FE.EE I ÏO NERVÜUS 5ÜFrERER3, A GENTLEMAN, cured of Nervous Debility, Incompetency, Premature Decay, and Youthful Error, actuated by a desire to benefit others, will bo happy to furnish toall who need it, (free of cliarge.) the recipe nd directions for making the simple remedy uSftdin bie case. Surferers uishing to prolit by the udvertiser's bad experience. and pussess a. sure and valuabïe reme dy, can do so by addrossing-him at ouce at his place of business. The Recipe and f uil infortnation - ot' vital importance - will be chterfully ont by if-turn muil. AddresH JOHN' B.OGDEN, Xo.CO Nassau Sireet, New York, P. S- Nervourt Sulferers of both sexes will tind this inforination invaluablc. 3m98ö. &$ PKOF.R. J. LYON'S' Patients and all othera interrested will please take uotice that lie will eontin ue hm visits at the Monitor House, Ann Arbor, during 1864 aod '65 and at the expiratiun of which he wjlldiacontinuo his vifiits and open an Taiïrmary at Cleveland, Ohio, for the treatment oí Lung aud Cheflt disuases. A GOOI) TKEE IS KNOWN BY ITB FKUIT. tío in a good Phy.sician by hi.s Succe.ssiul VVorks. PROFESSOR R. J, LYONS, THEGKEAT AND CELKBRATED PHYSICIAN OF TUI IHKOAT, I.UN'GB AND fUKnï, Known all over the country as the C)lcbrated INDIAN HE UB DOCTOR! rom South Anierica, wili be at nis rooms, RUSÖELL HOUSE, DETROIT, OnthelSUi and 19th tost., on the same date of and every subsequent nionth d uríng 18Ü2 and 1863, A NKVf l'AMPHLKT Of the life,study a'nl ettonsive iravela of Dr. Lyong can be procurcd ly all whodesireone, freo of churre . Dr. L wül visit Ann Arbor. JacU.son.and Adriau, Mtch. jasfollows : Ann Arbor, Monitor Tïouse. 20th. JftcksOD.HitóaTd IIuHe.21fit Adriau , Brackett Ui use,22d and 23d. UODB pF - The Doctor discerns diseases by tUv eyes . lliï, tliert-foie,a8ks no questions nor req-iiret patients to explafn sjmptoma. Aniicted, come and have your aypiptoihfl and the locati'tu of your diseaseexplained free of charge HOL6DAY CÖÖDS. A Urge stock. DeFOREST & STEWART'S. Vault for Sale. 11HF. ÜKDKERIGHED haying tvtwPnA trota Ihis City wishes to Keil hiH VauH in Fort'üt IIill Cemetery, situated on Blc.k No. 4q. böcoik! one North of the Vault of C. H. Tlioropson. ' Will bc sold chenp.- onrmire of Mr. CooK, on thigrfmniii, or of E. 1!. POKD, Arguü Office CO.N1ÏAD WEUNES. Acn Arbor. Vee. 10, 1864. 3w987


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