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CHEBOKEE PILLS ■■h'tfhliUil 'irn ' MMS"iiiii)ifiHEALTH PEESEHVER CERTA1N AND SAFE. For the ÏÏ&moriil ('ln-i üettoní and thi Tjusurunce of Reaularity in Ut? lïerurruicc of thé M-ntkly I'aiods. t%? Tlit-y cure or obvíate these numerous dlseiuOs, tlmt sprirj-j lïoiu imuiuriiy, by removhig tlK-im-jiuUrity fct lf. 1 eirá' gojïprefflsed, Exeessive and ; ful MeDs)ti'fitlOtt. s??'" They. caro Creen BIckiMW (Chloroaïs). í" Tlicy curu N'ervous und Öpimil Afreutions, iwuas in the back, and loWer piirla of the body. i lluavlueas, Fa.!i;-'ii.: 11 clÍL;)it exerttoiu, Palpitatioih of the !f'iri, liïwnesê of Spirits, Jfysteria, Stek ILuddchf, (riildincH, etc, etc. In a word, by remuvlhg the Irrrgrularity, they remove the causu, 1 and with it all tli3 effect thut spring from it.. $?8 Goiiipostíd of rthnpl-i TegetabTe extracta, they i-ontitin nothlng deleterious to any conatltution,. huwcver delicate, their funetiun bekig to substitute ■tréngth for weakness, whleh, when properly used, tlwy never fail to do. P" They uiay be safely used at any age, and at any perlod, exckpt dukim; tiib fikst Tint kb mocths, . ; ( dtuiiiK whích tlie unfailing nature of their action would Infalllbly priívknt preguancy, AU letters seeking Information or advlce wlll be proropUy, freety and ïistcreetly ansvered. C" Full (ïtrecttons ttccoiupany each box. Of Sint ly cuiU, fieeti of postare, ou receipt oí pfrwe, fF"" Pnmphleta 3tint by muil fret: of postage, by DR. W. R. MERWIN & CO., C3 Liberty St., New York, Proprietors. DR. WRICHT'S RBJDVBNATINfi ELIXIR! Or, ESSENCE OP LIFE, Preptiretl frm Iure Vegetable Kxlract contftlniilj itutiilnlC injurio to moot doliente. "Ar the Ih-rentx r!i fruí thu ushOM of lts Qre, uiilniuted wlth ure llfe - so doc tilín Elixir r Ju veii uto tlie ytm and ovorcone Useue. g-The Uejovenatlüg Elixir la the resul t of raoiletn dlacoverlefi ín the vegetable khigdorn ; belng do eiilkvty Pw aiul abstract method of cure, irrepfcfive öf ao the eMl and worn out systeraa. J'riiis nKNlicine has been fceated b-y Üie mos eminent medical men of the day, arul by thoua pro'nounoeiHo be oneof the greatost medical disco v erica of tle ageJ One boUle ffill oare general Debility. t" A few doses cttrea Uyeteckia in females. KW Onebottle curea Palpltatlon of the Heart. From oneto three bottlea restores the inanll neea nná full vigor of youtli. g- A Few Uosea restores the apputlte. téff-'ïhrev bottles cure the worst uaao of Impotency. L? A. few (lases cures the lor spirited. fcgf Onc bnttle restores nn.'iitjil power. JF.1 J'e-v doses rtstört the orguns ofejieraiion. 3?" A few dwsea biing the rose to the cheek. Tliijj medicine restores to mauly vigor and robímt health, ttie pao üebifítated, worn-down and deapairlpff. g."gt- Tiie Ustleas, enervated youth, tlie over-taaked man of böainewi, tke VÏctlm of nyrvoua Icpression, the iuiüviitual éüffering from general débülty or from. 1Í'-1 rH3W of a singfe or$ ui, wil) all xid dtate -in i parmaaönt relief by the uae oí' this Elixfr or Bfdence uf ï.ife. LW Prfce, $2 per hottle or three bottles ftr $5, and forwardeil by ICxpress, on receipt of mouey 10 any aíídres. rp"TIo Clieroltee ïllls ana UcjuvouutÏMf; S-:nxir, aresoKI byall eiHerprhlirg íragKÍatH ia tHe eivinz'-fïwoi-ld. Soirte utiprlncipled dntltrni, howerer, try to sell wuftltU-M eornpounda ïu place üftbêse ; tJioae wlüch tliey ciiu pun-hase ai cliiip piiec, and óiake more raoney by sulifij;, than 'iii-y eau on theso medicines. Aiyou value yóhr heiüth, aye, the he&lth of your future offspr'uitr, úu not be dt-ceïve-l by such unprincipled Druggïats, asL ftv4kê3fi medidnos and lak e, no othem. ï!" the Druggtst .vill hot buy them fur you, encloae the money ín a letter, and we wlll send them to you by Express, securely seuled and. packel, freo fiMin oijseïvatio. Ladlea or can aMress us In perfect conflilvnce, etaltng fully and phiinly their disease and gycuptoms; ae wetreat al] dlseases of a chronio nature ip male or female. Patlenta neod rot hesitaté becaate nf tiieir inability to visit us, as we have tceated patteata successfully In all portions of the tl"be, by corrospondeuce. !';iil"n!s ;; us will ploase state plainly all thr syinptoms of their complainta, and wrlte Posto'fflee, Coun'y, Ptate and name of writer, piada, and: laclóse postage stamp for reply. ::i'J ar S'2 page Pamphlet free to any addiesai Adilress all letters for Pamphlet 3 or advlce to tbe propiietors, Dr. W, R. MERWIN èu COM No. 63 Liberty street, New YorkSold by. Wiiolesjile Drnggists ín Detroit, rIsü by TËBBINS & WILSON, Ann Aïboc. Oi-Sjl HISTORY OF THE WOELD BY PKILIP SMITH, B. A. One of the principal Contrib atora to tke Dirj-ovnrii of Cireekand Roman Anttgiiitits, Bíograpi,yi and íiiog gli r PLAN OF THE WORK. Shice Bir VV :licr lUU'igii AoUcad hU imprisonn ent n the Xowec by the (.■nini.oa,ii,'u uf Uid ■ ihstorv of lic WflrlH," Uie I.i'fratur.? of. njfhrtai has acre Lviiievul the work whioh he left unfiniöhed. Tbert lari been " Univers.l JÈtstories" fioca the bulk of tu encyclotuelia to the most meagfe-o%ítfte ia wliioli he annalfi of eaeh ntian uu nepaptftely rwprifd ; ut without au 'atUÈout lo tfivciè the htory of Divine 'rovideue and bumau progresa ín otra OfBecte4 na r ra ti 76. It is proDoaed to gunply tlúa wat by a woi k, :ondenaed cnough to k.e p it wTi hiu a rëat onabie uie' bat yet sofull us to be tree Trom fhe dry bali oesa ofan p 1,0 me. The 1. töratuye u Uermiuu abojadaio hls ;,,ry,- =ucl' as tboae öf Mul'.or, Scotnef, Kárl vou Rottock, Imiitker ,aml ouums, - w trieb ut proa ihe d.nand for such:i bópjr. anJ fmni-h model, in somed frrt-e, fur ita entioü. But even tttiáí workfi are üome-what deficfeat in that ar.tíiic u iiy which is tlju chiei aim uf lliia -'liit rv ol tkeW'yrtd." The story of uur whole rara, like ifmt e eb sepdr ate nation, bas " a begiiislng1a m ulu ii1 , ;uui au enj.'; That story we propose tú folio -, fr.-m ítábegmoing in the aord reoorda, and i'rom tbe áawn of cmlizatiun ín tlie ICant, - i.ín-i)ii;;li thfrauoüesaive Qríeatal Éopires, -the rise of Hberty anl the peifcctmn or heatheo puliiy, ,irts, aud literatura iu Qreecé ald lióme,- the chanffe whjoh paaed erer theface f the w,.ru.' Uen the lighi wf cbntianiíy Pprang op ,- tlie nriuln .nd first aj'ipeu ranee of thoee barbiiríítn i -ai'cs wijic'.i over"threw buth diviaions nf tíie Ruinan Empta;, - the annalsof te Stútes which rofse ou trie Empïr-'H ruina. inciuding the {uctmeefque detail of uttieval bí story i Hnd the sléady prore&s of moilein libx-ty and civiliaat.oi . - ana 1 he ex-tensioia o) these mfiueñcea, by disC'' (■'■;, . y ' . CoJoniiation, aml Christi n ín. sai-. lis, to the riMiiotcíí ol the .irtli ín vord. ae bc parate hisforle raii 8 ! &% ichoiï ooea m of bnumn üctiun anti suff.ring, nur aim ís to uï'iig into oa we fh severai parta trlrích n --ui ■ -i$ í'-rui o Krtt Hib '.c, uio ciior.wiiri!:., unucr (fiiiiíWieü nf LMvine Prononco, to tlie unkpown ead oi.daiud ni tlo ; ,r, parpóse. tCo imuiH Wiilb% pared to mal:e this fatory schüinrI ke íq BubMuuce und popular iu st le. It will be Imiud4 ofi tli boel authotiHea, ncfnl Sd niAdtrn, rtrtgiuil an.i Recoadary. Tho v.r-,i prorwa recwiulj ni hiatorical and critlcal iuvestigutions, the rfnulte ubtaineil ftooa the modern Bciefibt üf oghbb ratife t-biiology, and the djscuveriua which Uave laid tipva ttfi Bourcea tií ínfoftnfittoD cbí?ctiüii'g tb.n Fhsi, aVnrd mu-} i'ju'iltiii. i, tu ni:ke tlio prescüt a ilt epieb lor ovr un deita.} ing, The wíitk will be into Uw?? Perimis, cíaeh cuniplet ín t.-clf, -iu will fo.-in KiVt 'o!liiiw.-í la lemy I. - Ancient HmüBY, '-'acrcíl and PeoHlar': from the Oreatiu i Co tLe t'alliof '.e HTfcUrn (mJre, iu .i, I. 47fi . l'w" vi lunes. fcíío 11 - .;e1)IRVA1, HlíTUBT, Civil Mil . f !r :ü f. ( k ! ; ñ uní t.:c íi 11 (-f int' V. eí-i.-rn tsopneto i e .. ot' Conftntiiifplu b.) tlie TufLo, in A. [). 1453 'Lwu Vul 1 1 171 ■ ■ ■ 111.- Mo eknIIistory; trom the l':tll of t!ic Ryzantine Empir tn our ownTitnps1. Fu r VuluméB. It will bepublishod in 8 vols. 8 vn. Príee ífi íloth, j.'i.5O per volume. Sheep, eí.fi' . Ji-lí Men coo $5.' voltune 1 uow ready. Agenta W;nted in all parís of the Ooúnlry. Applic.itior. Rliould be Biflcte at unco lo the 1'ublish fcrat D. APPLETON & CO, 2amtl88 4U k444 Broaiiway, N. Y. j_ FAIRUANKS1" S r i SÏASUAUD Sö OF ALL KINDS. Al.SO, FAIRBASKS, GREEXLEAF & CO,, lía tiaitd Street. CHICAGO. SoldmDtr1 liy FARRA N'D, SHELFY A CO. 5f T!p rare'ul yt hn.v bnij Shi Genuino. f#l vPf8 Holiday GrOjods. A largé stock. DjüFOREáT"& STEVVAKT'S.


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