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A Javanese Seraglio

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Oscanyan has ïuacia tlio puohc familiar with the harem of the Turk, and C-.iptain Burlón and Artemus Ward with. Mint of the Monnon. Mr. W. IJ.' D'Almerida, in h'e "Life n Java," lutely publiehed in Kngland, does the samo; good offices for the Javanese : " As no man except the Sultan is perinitted within the preiiucts of the Stíraglio, I will here'Susert a description from tho pen of my vvif'e, who, by the kiuduesa of Mts. Z , was enabled to see ana converso willi the Javat;ese biouris. In a low kind of bungalow, soiiiG distance from the main building, Dot so far ofl' but thut we could distine'.ly hear the sounds of musio and mirti) from the joyous scène we had just lelt, were assembled sevpral vvoinen, mostly veiy young, aud all dressed in a eosily nativo fusbion. Some of the party were playiug a Cliineso game of cards. All lookid up ou our entranoe, but soon resumed their occupation, alturnately playing, ehewiug tobaeco, betel and neri loaf, n'id usiug their spittoons, one of whioh was placed by the side of each persoo. Most of them were good lookiug, with magoifi cent dark eyee, dxQipiog lids, aud long, curling lashes. They make use of au immense quantity of powder, which, thuogh very glaring, tends to heighten their charme Tiieir hair waa dressed with care, being all diavvn back from the face, and arranged in two loops behind, in which ohumpuka and molar rlnwers were insurted by some, whilst othora wore dianiind pina. The ear was made unnaturally lurge by immense eiir riugs, about the Bize of of Clark's numbor sixty, tho centre of euch being siudded wi(i brilliants. The lurge liule.s through which these singular ornamenta were thrust are bored at a very tender ogc, and the iipertures are filled from time to time with grudually latger and heavier ear rings, unul tliö lobes finally become so unnaturally elongated. " LTnifonnity, the beauty of the Javanese in general, is spoilecí by a preva lence of, bad noses. It is vtry rarely ono comes aci'oss a good no.ue, but whcn that feature ie perfect, the face is usually pretty, provided alwnys tho mouth is kept elosed, ior, from the constant uso of seri-gumbler, tobáceo, etc., their teeth are very black. Th is, unfortu oatoly, ie conndered a beauty. In childien of thirteen or fourteen you see i'requentlv beautiful teeth ; like rows of puarlt, ekher undergoiDg or about to iindurgo this disfiguring proceas. Amidst the groúp before us, I was mos! strnck by a very youog girl, whose age, I ttiought, oould not exceed twelve or thirteen, and from whose face, thougti sho appenred thoughtful, silent and rad, the childish look had not disappeared. Who knew but that the ie -tinct of her heart already told her a better destiny might have beon hers, i han that to which she was probably devoted ? She was doubt' ea fntended to b tbe aew tCy of a middle ageiJ monarch, aithough she might revolt against her lot, but she could do nothing to change it. She was lier masterY pi(iper:y until he tred of her, aud sought new cbarrns. Most of thetn howover, looked cheerful nod happy, and I was told, by one who knew many ot ihum pei'Boualiy, that they are generally content with their lot, beiDg allow ed no end of finery aud silly amusemants. Turniug to look at numerous birds which hung in cages around, 1 could not help thinking hovv true was the comparison whioh linker! these'tiap tive minutrels to tbe poor prisoixsre who attend to and pet them.


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